How do I save a web page?

  missjosy 10:59 08 Sep 2005

How do I save a web page to My Documents, when a box appears with a message that reads:

'Web page could not be saved to the selected location?'

  mattyc_92 11:00 08 Sep 2005

File->Save As

  missjosy 11:23 08 Sep 2005

I should have added that in most cases I can save web pages in My Docs.
But now and again I get the above message.

You say, 'File->Save As'.
Sorry, can you expand this for me?

  johnnyrocker 11:27 08 Sep 2005

what he means is click on file tool (top left of page) and from dropdown menu select save as and put it where you want.


  missjosy 11:36 08 Sep 2005

Thank you johnnyrocker - the penny has dropped!
Yes, I always'Save As' - and in the majority of cases it is saved - But sometimes, when the page is almost saved (as the sliding indicater reads)a box appears to say, that the page cannot be saved to the selected location!

  bremner 11:46 08 Sep 2005

I always save webpages as mht files. Quicker saves and a single file.

Save As and change the default html to mht.

  missjosy 11:50 08 Sep 2005

Thank you bremner.
I have noted your suggestion and will try it.

  missjosy 12:06 08 Sep 2005

Tried 'mht', still no joy.

For information, with help on one of my queries yesterday, I accessed Epson Support, and when I tried to save the web page, it failed.
Here is the web page;
click here.

I would add that yesterday's problem relating to PhotoQuicker has been resolved.

But i thought that I would throw my Saving web page problem into the arena, in the hope that I might learn how to overcome.

  Legolas 12:13 08 Sep 2005

missjosy I have tried to save the page you link to and I get the same error message as you so it seems like a problem on the page and not on your system. You could just copy and paste the page onto a word doc.

  missjosy 12:24 08 Sep 2005

Thank you, Legolas.
yes, your suggestion is one that I have to execute when it does not save.

But it is strange that it does not save this page.

I shall look in again after lunch, and see if anyone else has a problem savin ghtis page.

  bobbybowls 13:31 08 Sep 2005

when i click on your link a download appears are you trying to save the page or the file?

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