how do I save these photos?

  mco 15:32 04 Jan 2005

Daughter has emailed me some photos 9jpeg) as attachments. I can download them and view them fine, but I want to save them on my pc and later put up on a website. When I click on 'save as',I only get options such as 'web html', not save as jpeg, which is what I want to save them as so I can then put them into my photo editor program and play around with them a bit first. There must be something simple I'm missing here?

  Confab 15:38 04 Jan 2005

I don' know what aplication your jpeg's open in but try right clicking on the picture and then "Save as"

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 15:39 04 Jan 2005

Are you saving a web page to get the html? Can you not right click on the picture within the page and the do save as, jpeg?

  Rwstill 15:40 04 Jan 2005

Right click the photo, and click save photo.
Then put it in the folder of your choice.

  JIM 15:42 04 Jan 2005

Select the picture in e-mail attachments right click with mouse and "save as" to my pictures. Select JPEG in tab.

  mco 17:08 04 Jan 2005

i have two pcs, one 98 and one Xp. I'm dowloading the attachment. When I right click on the photo,I'm not offered the 'save as' option. So I go up to top of computer screen and click on file - save as - and I go to my pictures save as - but I am just offered 'web page'/web archive/text file.... no jpeg. Where am I going wrong?

  JIM 17:36 04 Jan 2005

To be clear to it poss being a file sent problem,or poss missing system OS file.Can you try the following and see if you have the option to "save as" come up when you right click mouse on picture.

In winxp open up explorer browser or whatever your regular browser is as long as its not AOL browser.

Open up MSN home page or click here and select a picture and save as which takes you to My Pictures by default.

It is being sent as a jpeg attachment or other standard file type?

  pj123 17:50 04 Jan 2005

I don't know about your system but in mine, Win 98SE and IE/OE 6. In the preview screen there is a paperclip. If I click on that I get an option to "Save Attachment" Click on that and follow the prompts.

  mco 18:10 04 Jan 2005

I just did what you said - it did take me to my pictures ; the save as option was bmp only. Presumably I can change the type in my pictures. I shall check out pj123's now.

  mco 18:13 04 Jan 2005

I presume you mean in the inbox of my email account? The attachment is shown there as a paperclip? I can click on that and get the option to save (just two options, again gif or bmp) but again I presume I can then change it myself? The pictures were sent as jpg though!Thanks everyone.

  Confab 19:03 04 Jan 2005

See if this solves the probelm]

click here;en-us;260650

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