How do I save my music to CD in mp3 format

  Graham John 16:37 18 Mar 2010

Hi, could you please expalain, in simle terms for a beginner, how I save my music to CD in mp3 format. This is because my car can play mp3 CDs. I know how to rip and burn using Windows media player but the car only has a single CD player. I belive that using the mp3 format I can put around 255 songs onto 1 CD. Thanks in advance.

  howard64 16:45 18 Mar 2010

I use the free prog audacity - you would load the tracks you want into audacity then use the additional prog I think is called lame to change the tracks into mp3 format. Once saved as mp3 format I would place the tracks in a folder on the hard drive each with a unique name. Then use a cd writing prog such as nero to write the tracks to your cd.

  woodchip 16:45 18 Mar 2010

Convert it first, using a free converter. but you need to know what format it is before you download one. it may be in wave format. Then its just a case of drag and drop using NERO

PS Your version of NERO may have a built in converter

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 18 Mar 2010

What burning software do you have?

You could just copy the MP3 files to a CD using explorer if you have Vista or Windows 7

  Graham John 16:49 18 Mar 2010

Thanks woodchip but I am a bit lost - how do I convert my music and how do I tell what format it is in? I simply put a cd in the drive and it rips it to media player, then I burn it to a blank CD, that's about my limit!

  Graham John 16:50 18 Mar 2010

Thanks everyone, I have Vista so not sure about burning software other than Windows Media Player.

  Graham John 17:23 18 Mar 2010

So far so good, thanks to you all, have downloaded Express Rip and ripped a CD to a folder in My Music I have called 'mp3'. I will rip further Cds to the same folder. It doesn't look like I can convert CDs I have already ripped to my hard drive to mp3? Can I then use Windows Media Player to burn this folder to a cd? Thanks.

  john bunyan 17:33 18 Mar 2010

Iuse Roxio Creator 2010 , a paid for programme, but as howard 64 says a good free alternative is Audacity. You can tell what format the stuff you have already is in by looking at the file extension and Googling for an answer.

  canarieslover 18:45 18 Mar 2010

If you already have the files in MP3 format then download a free CD burner program like CDBurnerXP
click here
Which despite its name is Vista compatible. Install and run it and select the files you wish to burn to CD. You must burn the CD as Data format as if you choose Music CD it will convert the files back to wav which is just a copy of the original. Your car radio will recognise the MP3 files burnt in this way.

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