how do i run emm386?

  leeknight67 19:19 23 Nov 2003

i just got an oldish game and to run it it say i need to have emm486 extended memory running or something like that but when i open the folder it says it is unavalable any ideas

thanks in advance

  leeknight67 19:25 23 Nov 2003

please help me

  bremner 19:27 23 Nov 2003

What O/S are you using.

  leeknight67 19:28 23 Nov 2003

windows 98

  woodchip 19:32 23 Nov 2003

This is what you need to Add to your Config.sys files in the Root of C:\ in explorer



I have separated them so you could see the two lines that you need to had to Config.sys.

Open the file in Notepad and insert the lines but no spaces between them just under each other. You then Save the file and restart the computer for it to work

  leeknight67 19:35 23 Nov 2003

what folder do i put them in

  bremner 19:36 23 Nov 2003

The best way is to create a boot disk specically for this program.

You will need to ensure the line which I think from memory was

Devicehigh=c:\windows\emm386.exe (I stand to be corrected)

is in the config.sys file on the boot disk.

  bremner 19:37 23 Nov 2003


Should refresh before posting

  leeknight67 19:40 23 Nov 2003

i odnt understand what to do im

  leeknight67 19:45 23 Nov 2003

what do i do im not very good at this

  bremner 19:47 23 Nov 2003

Have a look at this site click here

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