How Do I Rip A DVD?

  Big L 266 22:19 01 Apr 2010


Back in 2003,I had a Verbatim DVD-R Data Storage disk made of all the reels of cinefilm that I found in my late Mums effects. This is the only copy I have of many treasured and personal memories of my childhood,and was converted at great expense.

I don't use Windows Media Player in Vista 32bit and instead have a full version of Winamp, and a free version of RealPlayer SP the latter being just for video downloads.

I want to copy this dvd-r lasting 100 minutes to my hard-drive and import it back to either Winamp or RealPlayer,and then later copy it to backup external hard-drives. The dvd-r plays ok. No matter what way I try to 'rip' this sole dvd-r,I fail.

How DO I rip a dvd-r please? I'm at an absolute loss. Any help,advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Big L 266

  eedcam 22:37 01 Apr 2010

Try using Imgburn its free choose mirror 8 to download from and there are also guides on the same page click here

You ned tocreate an Iso image just open Imgburn choose create image file fom disc

  BRYNIT 22:48 01 Apr 2010

As this is not a protected disk just use the copy function in the writing program you have on your computer.

If you have Nero, open Nero Express Essentials click on Image, Project, Copy. Select copy entire DVD. Not sure about other burning program.

  Big L 266 12:18 02 Apr 2010

Hello eedcam.

Thank you for your suggestion of Imgburn which did the trick. Although this was successful in 'ripping' the dvdr,it won't play as the format is something called '.BIN'. Several attempts to convert '.BIN' to something else(I assume AVI or FLV?) have proven unsuccessful. I have no idea how to convert this dvdr successfully sadly.I never knew 'ripping' and/or converting a 3.19Gb dvdr from 2003 would be so troublesome! Are you able to help further please?

Thank you in advance if you can.

Big L 266

  colberly 13:47 02 Apr 2010

I use this program click here you can use it 5 times in all before you have to buy the licence, and it certainly works on my PC with Vista.

  Big L 266 15:28 02 Apr 2010


Thank you very much for your link. I was able to download my dvdr and get it converted to avi and see it play in Winamp with just a single click!

This is a truly fantastic piece of software and I'm so happy to have a complete second copy of my dvdr for the first time since 2003.

Thank you again so much for helping me out.

All the very best,

Big L 266

  colberly 17:55 02 Apr 2010

Your welcome glad to be of help and it worked for you:)

  robin_x 20:03 02 Apr 2010

You will make a few extra copies won't you?
Too easy to get scratches.

Also one to a HDD

  robin_x 20:04 02 Apr 2010

You will make a few extra copies won't you?
Too easy to get scratches.

Also one to a HDD

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