How do I restore from Acronis

  Hetti 16:26 20 Jan 2008

I have backed up my hard drive using acronis True image, as a novice Im wondering If anything goes wrong and I cannot boot PC,how can I use the backup as It is on the hard drive.

  Pamy 16:45 20 Jan 2008

You should have or should have made a boot disk. This will let you boot up your computer and then put all the backup back on the drive. Asumming that the drive is not totally knackered

  pj123 17:09 20 Jan 2008

I don't do a backup. I use Maxblast 5 and clone my C: drive to another (same size) drive. That drive is then taken out of the computer and kept in a filing cabinet. I also have 2 other cloned drives that are kept at two of my friends houses.

If I ever have to replace my system all I do is take out the C: drive and put the clone in and reboot.

  exodus 17:44 20 Jan 2008

Hi, as mentioned above, the first thing you should have done was to create the Acronis boot disc.

You can still do this via Start/Programs/Acronis/ True Image/ Bootable Rescue Media Builder.

Here is a guide. It may very slightly depending on your version.
click here


  iscanut 17:59 20 Jan 2008

Dont forget that you need to ensure that you set your BIOS to be able to boot up from the CD/DVD option rather than your hard disk or a floppy diosc drive.

  Diemmess 20:22 20 Jan 2008 where did you save your Acronis backup?

It is OK for the moment, but when it comes to Restore - It must NOT be on the drive that you hope to restore.

Wherever you save it doesn't really matter as long as it is on either -
An external HD (best)
A second internal HD
A series of DVDs.

In the event of disaster you should be able to boot from the Acronis CD - select the saved file wherever it is and restore to drive C:(?)

The principle is never restore from a backup which is on the same drive as the OS.
It would wipe everything including the restoring file!
I doubt very much if Windows or Acronis would allow this anyway, but you need to have everything in the right place readu for an emergency.

  skidzy 21:53 20 Jan 2008

Diemmess is correct,you cannot save the backup to the same drive as the os.

If you have the bought disc version of Acronis,this is your rescue boot media,though you can still create a boot disc as a further backup incase of damage to the Acronis disc.

  Hetti 09:53 21 Jan 2008

Thanks all

As a complete novice I did not know I had to create a rescue disk, and yes the backup is on the hard drive IN the PC, I dont have an external hard drive and this is a free trial of Acronis.
I guess I need to get external or backup to disk, if I back up to disk how many disks (average) will I need.

I have never done this before but had to reinstall everyting from scratch a few weeks ago, and now I know the error of my ways.

  lotvic 11:17 21 Jan 2008

may I politely suggest that you download the .pdf users manual click here=

  Diemmess 11:39 21 Jan 2008

At present, you can only back up sensibly to DVDs.
Personally I wouldn't trust Optical Disks with anything that really-really mattered.

You can treat yourself to an external HD complete with case, power supply and USB lead.

Or if you have a spare HD somewhere you can buy just a case for it more cheaply.

The idea of an external HD is sound because it doesn't have to be switched on except when you use it (long life) and you can use it for drive backups as well as space for data, music, pictures, or anything you want to keep safe.

If the dread day should come when you can't even get Windows to start, then you will need either the Acronis CD or the Acronis boot disk you have made. This will find that file to restore on the external HD and the rest should go smoothly.

  Hetti 13:08 21 Jan 2008

Thanks for help and advice

Im gonna take a look at external hard drives right now, so any suggestions? please let me know about you ideas and preferences

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