how do i remove widows98se and put windows xp in

  nonowtatall 13:02 26 Sep 2006

I have put my old hard drive into grandaughters computer and want to remove windows 98se and put windows xp in as the OS how do i go about it i would like to totally format it and start again with XP and put the software she wants in as it is only going to be used for homework etc

  Diemmess 13:14 26 Sep 2006

In Irish terms, "I wouldn't start from there if I were you"

Even ignoring the legality or difficulty of installing XP on a second PC, you should consider the specs. of the potential conversion.

Unless it has a recent motherboard, CPU, and RAM with lots of power it would be very disappointing.
If you have a full system disk for 98SE use that after a format and it should run well.

  uesquebeathus 16:38 26 Sep 2006

What is the spec of the pc you intend using?
and is this a legal copy of win xp?

windows xp can run on anything from a 400 proccessor, with 256mb ram (better with 512mb)and a hard drive over 10gb.( the os of win xp takes up at least 4 gb at the start of use and then theres the space for virtual ram and ant other software you may add.

you cannot run it on two pcs with the same product number or change it from one pc to another as the licensing will cancell at the product activation after the installation.

  p;3 22:45 26 Sep 2006


  nonowtatall 23:24 26 Sep 2006

how in easy terms do i remove windows 98se and reput windows 98 se and have a nice clean drive to just have a few things on

  Diemmess 09:09 27 Sep 2006

Caution first!
With a new installation of any operating system do make sure that first you have all the following available.

1) A full installation CD for Windows OS (98SE)
2) The CD with the drivers for your motherboard.
3) Preferably a Startup or setup floppy for 98.

There is a huge amount of detailed advice on "how_to" on the net. For only one example click here
If you have never done this before, the first step - formatting and starting installation of '98 will all seem strange.
Briefly the order of play:-

Format the HDisk (This is irreversible and why you should have all the disks needed before you start).
It gives you a nice clean start with nothing left hanging about.

Install Windows 98 from the CD

Install the motherboard drivers from the specific CD that came with the computer

Finally, install the applications that you want on the computer.

  Field Division 23:46 27 Sep 2006

Mind you will be going from a FAT32 to a Fat format..

  terryf 05:30 28 Sep 2006

You never answered the question from uesquebeathus

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