How do I remove a website from IE tools?

  Tina19721 23:41 22 Aug 2004

I was on a website today and I clicked by accident for it to go into my Internet Explorer Tools. It will not let me delete it and everytime I click on it it takes me to that website.

I really want rid of it. Can anybody tell me how?

Many thanks


  Dan the Confused 00:43 23 Aug 2004

Click start>run and type regedit (press enter). Search for every occurance of the website name and delete it.

  Djohn 00:46 23 Aug 2004

Do you mean it is in your favourites? Not sure how it could get into the tools section. If it's in the favourites section then right clicking your mouse on the offending website URL and choosing delete from the drop down menu should remove it.

If it's something that is diverting you to it's site when you want to go elsewhere then we need to do something a bit more involved to remove it.

Can you let us know please if it is the latter and someone will help you to remove it from your system.

  Stuartli 09:27 23 Aug 2004

Do you mean it's been set as your Home Page?

Check that your ISP (if that's your preferred Home Page) is enabled as "Always Dial My Default Connection" from IE Tools>Options>Connections tab.

Then open the General tab and enable "Use Default" as your Home Page.

  Tina19721 10:36 23 Aug 2004


I have tried what you have suggested but cannot find the website.

  Tina19721 10:39 23 Aug 2004


It went into my IE Tools which is why I am having a problem. It has also put a symbol in my toolbar.

  Stuartli 10:59 23 Aug 2004

Have you run an AV scan, along with Ad-aware and Search and Destroy?

  rawprawn 12:11 23 Aug 2004

click here Try this It's a bit slow but thorough.

  Tina19721 13:17 23 Aug 2004

I already have Norton anti-virus which brought up nothing. I have tried the programme suggested by rawprawn again nothing. Search & destroy brought up a few things which I have got rid of but the website is still in tools.

Any other ideas? I appreciate all your help.

Many thanks


  rawprawn 13:38 23 Aug 2004

click here Read this and see if it's any help.

  rawprawn 13:41 23 Aug 2004

Or perhaps you could uninstall and then reinstall IE

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