how do I remove "security warning" tab

  laptopdunce 22:11 10 Apr 2013

I have just reset my IE homepage settings to original default settings (to try and stop HORRIBLE adware rubbish that kept appearing from ebay (but it is still doing it only when on ebay!!) BUT now I am getting this "security warning" tab that keeps appearing everytime I go to another site or page, its the rectangular tab that asks about receing the info on a secure https page, my question is what do I do to stop this "security warning" tab from appearing?? Its such a PAIN everytime you do something on IE you get more and more of this crap appearing!! Would rather use Chrome browser but this laptop is only set up for IE, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 23:16 10 Apr 2013

Thanks, that seems to have done the trick!! what really P's me off with these bloody computers is that a novice really needs to be an EINSTEIN to just "navigate" through all this stuff, its DRAINING and IMPOSSIBLE for a "normal" person to understand all this stuff to make the most simple changes, I HATE computers because they have been designed to be kafka-esque sending you round and round and round ad-infinitum ad nauseaum with no explanation of how to do these simple changes - Thank God for this forum, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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