fredo3 11:11 07 Sep 2003

I posted earlier this morning after thinking my p4 chip had fried..After further investigation on the net I've discovered my chip isnt fused to the heatsink but has bonded with the heat compound. I did get a burning smell on startup after building the pc and this caused me to panic.(it was the compound bonding apparently)when I removed the heatsink the cpu pulled from the socket too!
The pins are not damaged so how do I now re-attach the cpu to the socket?
The cpu is set like concrete to the heatsink and brute force will damage the processor.
Thanks anyone

  minter 11:52 07 Sep 2003

Did the same thing myself - I killed my processor separating it from the heatsink.

Try the two p's - patience and prayer.

After my experience I would say the best bet is to get hold of a one sided razor blade, or similar, and gently slice the two apart.

The odd thing was that when I attempted it - I used everything from a jack hammer to a scalpel - the cpu stuck like it was super glued, until it started to give at which point the two parted company so quickly that the cpu flew one way and the heatsink the other. I picked my cpu up about four feet from where it started.

My point is that there does not seem to be much holding the two together, it is a matter of finding the weak point. Use something which is wider than the cpu, if possible, and work it between them round the edges. I marked my heatsink using the scalpel.

Best of luck - go gently!

  fredo3 12:01 07 Sep 2003

Thanks minter....I'm starting to regret this purchase.
What a crazy design !!!!!
I think I'll contact the fan/heatsink supplier tomorrow and ask them the score.
Surely some documentation should be supplied with the fan warning of the above details.

Give me back my 2000xp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just hope I've not damaged the processor when it popped out of the socket with the heatsink.


  Peverelli 16:20 07 Sep 2003

Another way is to use a thin piece of wire (like the thinnest string on a guitar) and try and slice in between the two.

  pj123 16:30 07 Sep 2003

The heatsink compound should never set. I build computers and the compound I use doesn't set. A simple "hold the CPU in one hand and the cooling fan in the other and twist" will separate them. If you have one of them cheesecutter things that might work. The compound I use is Fanner 420 from click here

  minter 16:43 07 Sep 2003

By the way you will need to clean all the old compound off the cpu and heatsink when you succeed in parting them - the wire sounds good!

Isopropyl Alcohol B.P. is the stuff you will need.

I bought a 500ml bottle for a £5 from the local chemist for another job, and use it all the time for cleaning printer, contacts, etc.

It is invaluable, and lasts for ever.

You can buy bottles of about 30/40ml computer shops sell as cleaning fluid, but they work out very expensive.

  pj123 16:48 07 Sep 2003

minter. Good point. I forgot the bit about cleaning all old stuff off.

  fredo3 17:11 07 Sep 2003

thanx guys

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