How do I Remove Microsoft Office 2007 from My Comp

  Kerrso05 22:02 20 Sep 2008

Please can anyone help? How do I remove Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. I had a serious problem with the Word application of Office this week and couldn't fix it so I decided (rightly or wrongly) to delete Office and then re-install it. I couldn't do it using the Add & Remove part of Windows XP so I tried to un-install it using Revo Uninstaller.............wrong move it, didn't fact it seemed to being trying to remove a lot of files not belonging to Office so I quickly cancelled that operation. I don't why Microsoft has made it so difficult to remove this software but they have. I have googled to search for a answer but it appears that this software is very difficult to remove. Can anyone suggest any software (I don't mind paying for it) that I could download to remove this easily and safely (preferably an application that you have used before to remove Office 2007)
I hope someone can help

  rdave13 22:07 20 Sep 2008

Have a look at this Microsoft help; click here

  beeuuem 22:07 20 Sep 2008

Have you tried the advice from click here ?

  Kerrso05 23:36 20 Sep 2008

Thanks rdave and beeuuem for coming up with the same solution but I had seen this article before (when I searched Google) but was put off by it because it looks very complicated and it has major changes to the Registry which I wouldn't be happy with but if that is what I have to do then I suppose I will have to do it to get rid of this annoyance. I still don't understand why Microsoft made it so complicated to remove.

I take it nobody else has anything other to suggest..that might be a bit easier to carry out (for a novice)

  rdave13 23:42 20 Sep 2008

Try reinstalling it, reboot, then try add/remove. This sometimes works if the uninstaller is corrupted.

  woodchip 00:11 21 Sep 2008

do a Search for it and delete what it finds then Do the same in Regedit

If you have the Office CD you should use that to remove it. By running the CD

  ambra4 00:14 21 Sep 2008

Use this program to remove Office 2007

click here

  Kerrso05 02:04 21 Sep 2008

Thanks for that ambra4 I went the web site and am asking the same question to them to see if this should as it gets rid of Microsoft Office Pro 2007 60 day "free" trial............although I have the full version

  ambra4 02:20 21 Sep 2008

The trail and the full version is the same it just the product key that is difference in the trial version

the key will expire in 60 days, in the full version the key will not expire unless you lose it

PC Decrapifier will remove the trail and the full version

  Kerrso05 18:49 21 Sep 2008

Ok Thanks for that. I downloaded PC Decrapifier but it couldn't find Microsoft Office I couldn't use it. I then was told about a small programme called "Remove Office 2007" click here

I tried this wee program for removing Microsoft Office 2007 and it didn't work.......unfortunately.
I thought at first it was going to work as it appeared to follow some of the instructions as listed in Microsofts " How to uninstall the 2007 Office system if you cannot uninstall it by using the "Add or Remove Programs" feature " it finished and said it had removed it but when I rebooted and went into Add & Remove it was still listed (components that make up Office eg Word,Publisher Access,......these appeared to have been removed but what was still listed was Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (there is no size mentioned in the details) then under that is listed the following :- 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 1 (SP1) : Security update for Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 (KB9511338)
Security Update for Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 (KB950114)
Security Update for Viso 2007 (KB947590)
I have tried to delete these but every time I try to it seems to want to install and then shows up an error
I just don't know what to do next?..........any suggestions?

I have Acronis Back Up which I took of my C Drive and D Drive about a month ago. Should I try and install it from my back up (I don't know how to do that but am willing to learn)

It appears that the installation of Microsoft Office 2007 has been corrupted and now I'm having problems with my Paint Shop Pro program because every time I try to start it Office 2007 trys to install............the whole thing seems a real mess!!!!

  brundle 18:56 21 Sep 2008

Use this click here and remove the individual elements one by one.

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