How do I remove Google search History?

  BibleGuru 13:05 01 Aug 2004

Every time I place a search string in the Google search box it is stored somewhere - where, I've no idea.

When I click inside the Google search box, or use the scroll down arrow, I can see a list of all previous search strings.

I've cleared all offline and temporary internet files and cookies, but this doesn't do the job.

How do I remove this Google Search history list?

  powerless 13:10 01 Aug 2004

Tools, Internet Options... Content, AutoComplete, Clear Forms.

  €dstowe 13:14 01 Aug 2004

If you just want to empty the list, click on the Google sign at the left on the tool bar and then click on "Clear search history" in the dropdown box.

  BibleGuru 13:19 01 Aug 2004

Thanks friend.

It's easy when you know how. :-)

  powerless 13:20 01 Aug 2004

oh we're talking about the toolbar?

  BibleGuru 13:21 01 Aug 2004

Here's a follow-up question:

Where is the search list history data stored?

Presumably there's a data file or dll on the harddrive somewhere?

  Halmer 14:22 01 Aug 2004

you can highlight it and hit the delete button on the keyboard.

I had to delete 'Pictures of nakid wimen' from mine the other day which mysteriously appeared after my lad used the PC.

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