How do I remove this failed install?

  Legolas 12:08 12 Mar 2003

I am running ME and attempted to install XP over it,a little way into the install of XP I was informed that my c: drive had insufficent space for the XP installation so I aborted it, the problem is now when booting I get the choice to boot into the failed XP installation or my ME installation with the failed XP install being the default how do I remove/disable or change the order of the boot up sequence.

  recap 12:21 12 Mar 2003

click here to see what problems there can be with installing over the top of another O/S. I would recommend a clean install Legolas.

  Legolas 12:43 12 Mar 2003

Thanks recap, I know in XP you can alter the sequence of boot up by right clicking My Computer/properties/advanced/startup and recovery but in ME this is not an option.

  Legolas 21:16 12 Mar 2003


  temp003 01:39 13 Mar 2003

Hi, Legolas.

To install XP, the minimum free hard disk space is supposed to be 1.5GB for installation, but in reality you need much more. Also, if you choose the upgrade path, Windows ME system files will be backed up (unless you tell XP Setup not to do so), and that would need even more hard disk space.

At the moment, your computer is already on a dual boot (between "XP Setup" and ME), and the system is using XP's boot loader to start.

To get rid of the dual boot screen, you can either manually edit the C:\boot.ini file (which would keep the XP loader), or switch back to the Windows ME boot files completely.

To do the latter, reboot computer with a Windows ME startup floppy. At the A:> prompt, type sys C: and press Enter. If the command is successful, you'll get a message saying system transferred. Remove floppy and restart. You should boot straight into ME as before, with no OS selection screen.

You can now delete the temporary installation folder for XP, which is C:\$WINNT$.~BT to reclaim hard disk space.

Since you've transferred the system boot files back to ME, you won't need the XP boot files. They are all under C, called ntldr,, boot.ini. There is also the bootsect.dos file which is used to boot into ME in an XP dual boot. You can delete these 4 files.

If the sys C: command is unsuccessful (which may have been caused by XP Setup having changed things on your computer), remove floppy and boot back into ME via the OS selection screen.

The workaround (and an alternative method in itself) is to keep the XP boot loader but edit boot.ini to remove XP Setup as an option (as you envisaged).

Find the file C:\boot.ini in My Computer or Explorer. This is normally double-hidden. If you don't see it, click View, Folder Options, View tab (I think that's how you do it in ME - but you'll know). Tick Show hidden files and folders. Untick Hide file extensions for known file types. Untick Hide protected operating system files. Click OK. You should now see C:\boot.ini

Double click boot.ini. It should open with Notepad.

You only need to make 2 changes.

First one is the line starting with "default=...". Change it to read:

The 2nd change is to delete the (first) line under the section [operating systems] which reads:

C:\$WINNT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows XP Home Setup"

Just delete that line.

Save the changes and exit Notepad. Restart computer and it should boot straight into ME. Then delete the folder C:\$WINNT$.~BT

With this method, you NEED to keep the files ntldr,, boot.ini and bootsect.dos. Leave them alone.

Hope at least one method works.

  temp003 01:46 13 Mar 2003

Sorry, this site has changed what I typed above.

In relation to the first change to boot.ini, change the line to read as:


but without the quotation marks (i.e. you need the slash).

  sattman 02:32 13 Mar 2003

Why not do a system restore?

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