How do I reformat with just a recovery disc ?

  SB23 17:46 08 Jan 2005

Since before Xmas I have been having problems.Programs have taken it upon themselves to just simply stop working,stating that "framedyn.dll" is missing and that the component cannot be found.I posted on the forum,I followed the links but cannot get this component back.Slowly,other programs are following suit.I've been told that my registry may have been corrupted,and that a reinstallation would help,it didn't.Even my internet security is starting to give me problems.
The whole point to this,is,how do I reformat my system,when I'm running XP,and all that came with it (when new)was a recovery disc ?Please help...Thanx

  mbp 18:01 08 Jan 2005

Assuming that you have MS-XP-OEM preinstalled with Recovery Disks, it is a lengthy and messy job. Go the the web site of your OEM supplier, and they will usually carry full instructions for re-installation. Make sure your follow all instructions or you could loose everything you have on your HDD.

BTW, there is going to be an article on how to clone your HDD in next month's mag, PCA. It might help.

  rawprawn 19:30 08 Jan 2005

Before you reformat, have you tried a system file scan. Start/Run type sfc /scannow you will probably need your recovery disc. I am not sure this will work with a recovery disc, but it's worth a try.(NB. note the space between sfc and /scannow)

  rômanab 20:13 08 Jan 2005

Is it a Mesh PC? if so thier 'recovery disc' is simply a full OEM version which can be reinstalled as normal click here

  Bapou 20:13 08 Jan 2005

One thing worth remembering is, your recovery disc is designed to take you back to square one. In other words, exactly as it was when you took it out of the box.

Ensure you have all the files you created backed up to CD or DVD because they will be lost in the recovery.

  mattyc_92 20:19 08 Jan 2005

Using the "recovery disk" should be the same as formatting the system and installing it with a box version of XP (as it was with my cusins!!!)

Simply insert the disk into the cd drive and restart the system... The computer will display a message similar, if not the same, as "Press any key to boot from cd..." Press a key when this comes up and follow the on-screen instructions!!!!

****NOTE: Backup ALL your files and make sure that you have a "installation disk" for all the programs that are on the system at this moment in time****

  SB23 20:22 08 Jan 2005

It's a Packard Bell pc,and I've already restored to factory settings,that didn't work either.A friend of a friend suggested that I reformat,but with just a recovery disc,how?

  mattyc_92 20:25 08 Jan 2005

Using the guide I have posted will allow you to do this.....

When the disk is loaded in BOIS mode, press ENTER, F8, select the partition you want to format and press D, ENTER, L and this will "delete" the drive... Then select the "unallicated" space and press enter and it will allow ask you what system format you want (go for NTFS for winXP) and press enter, The system is formated and then the installation will begin!!!

  SB23 20:26 08 Jan 2005

I just don't understand what would cause the probs that I'm having.
Everyone at work have said that they have a proper cd that they can restore from,so why did my pc just come with a recovery disc?

  SB23 20:30 08 Jan 2005

You make it sound so simple.I'll have to reinstall my printer so that I can print what you've said,I had to reinstall Windows again,just to get back to the forum

  mattyc_92 20:33 08 Jan 2005

It is very simple, I can do this within 1 hour (formatting takes me around 30-40 mins and installation takes me around 20-30 mins)

All the info you need will be on the screen!!! Look at the bottom of the screen (where the task bar should be) and you will see that you can create, delete and install windows and tells you what button to press of each!!!!

Simple ere???? lol

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