How do I recover a partition on my harddrive?

  Allan RISC OS user 17:58 19 Feb 2003

I defraged my Windows ME partition, and all ok until I tried to load Mandrake Linux, which had be corrupted by the defrag. I then attempted to re install Linux, but it took the whole drive (39G). so I did not have Windows. After a great deal of trouble attempting to reformat drive using Fdisk, I resorted again to the recover CD, which announced that the Media in drive C was not recognised. But in frustration I pressed escape and return a number of time and the drive was re formatted, but only approx 29G. I have now a working Windows system but not enough room on the partition to fully load Linux. Somewhere on the Drive there is about 9G unacconted for, which neither windows or linux appear to recognise. Fdisk displays :
partition status type vollabel mb system usage
C: 2 A PRI DOS HPPavilion30602Mb 80%

System FAT32

Whilst I understand what is displayed none of the Fdisk functions will recover the lost 9Mb, Can any one help, Ido not want to re format the whole drive again. but would like to run linux in the lost partition.

  woodchip 20:15 19 Feb 2003

start with win floppy disc click here type at A:\>fdisk/mbr and you should get your partition back. when you tried to load Mandrake you should have used Partition Magic or Acronis so you had your C:\ partition and then the rest of the drive free or at least 4Gb free space Mandrake would have seen the free space and asked you if you wanted to load there then you would say yes

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