How do I recover data from a corrupted DVD?

  ardeebee 16:37 04 Dec 2012

I used Ashampoo Burning Suite 2010 to add data to an existing DVD. Now the earlier data is lost(i.e. it is not visible to photo software programs) Only the new data is visible & readable. An evaluation copy of ISOBUSTER is able to "see" the earlier files (sessions) but will only recover them if a licence fee is paid. The lost files are not particularly valuable hence I do not wish to pay the rather high licence fee for what, hopefully, will be a single use. I am sure that I had a magazine cover "freebie" software that would enable recovery of such files/earlier sessions but unfortunately I am unable to locate this. Is anyone aware of any free software that will recover such "lost" files/sessions, please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 04 Dec 2012

try its supposed to be free but just watch for any add ons to untick when installing.

  ardeebee 17:26 04 Dec 2012

Thanks for the prompt response. I've tried this one, and a few others, already but they all seem to be designed mainly to recover data from discs with physical damage to the disc surface (i.e. scratches etc). It did not show the missing data. Of those I've tried, ISOBUSTER is the only one able to read the missing data but, as I've said, it will only recover it at a significant cost!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 04 Dec 2012

if so use isobuster, highlight the files, right click on them and choose extract. save them somewhere on your hard drive and then you should be able to use them.

  ardeebee 23:17 04 Dec 2012

Thanks but I've tried that and it responds with a message saying that this is not available until the licence fee is paid!! Clearly ISOBUSTER is not the answer so I'm looking for something similar - but free! Looks like I might be unlucky.

  ardeebee 09:59 05 Dec 2012

Thanks. Have installed Recuva which does look a useful programme to have on board. Unfortunately though, the CD/DVD drive is the only place within "Computer" that cannot be selected when searching for missing files, so it could not help in this case. Tried it on a memory stick and it successfully recovered a deleted 25 minute video file. Impressive. Thanks again.

  bluesbrother 10:18 05 Dec 2012

This has worked for me in the past

Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier 5.2

and there's a portable version

Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier 5.2 Portable

  ardeebee 14:43 05 Dec 2012

Thanks bluesbrother. have already tried this without success. Thanks rdave13. Didn't know about this. It is available in Version 2010 but unfortunately the missing files are still not visible - so no luck again. I guess I'm just going to have to accept that they're beyond my reach as I'm not prepared to pay the high licence fee for a once-off use of ISOBUSTER.

Thanks again to you all.

  ardeebee 16:53 06 Dec 2012

The problem is that, although the disc was added to in BS10, BS can no longer read the disc so I can't do anything to it within BS. I've now tried Greenfish-DataMiner but again this does not find the missing data. Only ISOBUSTER seems able to do this! Think I'm going to have to call it a day on this one. Thanks for your help.

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