how do i recover contents of hard drive after it has been formatted

  stevediggo 17:24 01 Dec 2011

how do i recover contents of hard drive after it has been formatted

  robin_x 17:47 01 Dec 2011

If it's your main drive, don't use the computer or as little as possible if you don't have second computer.

Everything you do is overwriting some of the old data.....more

  Bris 17:51 01 Dec 2011

You could try this its free but as Robinofloxley points out dont use the disc otherwise you will overwrite what you are trying to recover.

  robin_x 17:54 01 Dec 2011

TestDisk may do it. (Burn a LiveCD).

Easeus Data Recovery will do 1GB for free.

Possibly only useful if, say, you wanted to only get all your photos back.

Recuva may do it.

One problem is you may just get lots of fragments back.

Proper Recovery software costs money.

I wiped my ext drive once. (Factory Recovery with it plugged in, and I went out).

I never did get my data back, but fortunately it was still on main drive. Lost all my movies though, which I don't back up.

  bjh 18:12 01 Dec 2011

It depends how you (assuming it was you) came to format the drive. If you describe what you did/what happened, we may be better placed to advise how to recover the disk.

  RobCharles1981 22:47 01 Dec 2011

Recuva should work as Bris explains.

  daz60 08:16 02 Dec 2011

These may be of help with the added advantage of not installing,i have a few but have never needed to use them.

Data recovery

Agree with bjh more info needed.

  bjh 09:10 02 Dec 2011


...particularly as we don't know who formatted the disk, and why.

  samsun24 11:12 23 Dec 2011

If you would like to recover files from formatted hard drive, try advanced File Recovery Tool that guides you in recovering deleted or lost files from hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, fire ware drives, etc. Download the free trial version and check for the recovery results.

  Sapins 14:04 23 Dec 2011

If you have a large enough seond drive or an external drive to recover the data on you should try I have used this free software very successfully to recover deleted wedding photos.

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