How do I read a 'wiped' history?

  weeme 18:34 30 Oct 2003

Me again! Sorry if I'm only allowed one question at a time! Can someone advise me if it is possible to somehow read the history list on windows xp if someone has wiped it clean??
Thanks again...

  johnnyrocker 18:37 30 Oct 2003

depending on how you mean 'wiped' ie accident etc you should possibly be able to use system restore to a time prior to the 'wiping' and read from there, i am not aware of limits to one question at a time but hey i could be wrong.


  weeme 18:48 30 Oct 2003

What I mean is when someone has wiped clean the history of their visits to sites on the internet.

  graham√ 19:12 30 Oct 2003

System Restore should put them back.

  spikeychris 19:29 30 Oct 2003

Cookies and temp Internet files.....

  bremner 19:41 30 Oct 2003

System restore does not restore Internet History - quite the opposite.

From XP Help
"System Restore does not cause you to lose your personal files or password. Items like documents, e-mail messages, browsing history, and the last specified password are saved when you revert to an earlier state with System Restore."

ie it keeps the current history and does not restore the old one.

  weeme 19:45 30 Oct 2003


How do I access those then???? Thanks.

  Qmar 19:49 30 Oct 2003

IE6 - spider utility will read the .dat files. which are left after 'deleting 'history...does in Win98 anyway.

click here

  bremner 19:50 30 Oct 2003

C:\Documents and Settings > Your logon name > Local Settings > Temperorary Internet Files.

Then click on the Last Accessed Tab and it will put the entries into date/time order.

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