How do I read web pages off line?

  stlucia 12:44 04 Sep 2003

I'm on a dial-up AOL account and from time to time like to read the on-line newspaper from my wife's home time. Is there a simple way to download the current page and all its links so that I can then log off and read them off the hard drive, rather than staying on line at whatever the price is per minute?

  deadneat 12:58 04 Sep 2003

yer look @ the pages you want then dis your modem connection. Click file and work offline.
Hope this helps

  abc77 13:02 04 Sep 2003

If you are using IE6, click on Favorites on the menu bar, then organise Favorites, (your site must be added in your favorite list first), now you can select the site, a dialogue box will open, check the box - make available offline. Not sure whether it will download everything but worth trying. If not, you can search for a freewear with this function.


  stlucia 13:06 04 Sep 2003

Deadneat, are you saying that things I view on-line are saved automatically on my HDD? Sounds too simple, but I'll give it a go tonight. Thanks.

  deadneat 13:13 04 Sep 2003

I think it depends on your settings but once you have clicked work offline click yhe history icon.
You will see a folder for today and all the pages you have viewed. If i want to read long docs I quickly look at all the pages required moving on after each page has fully loaded then disconnect.

  Borg-Clone 15:46 04 Sep 2003

pages and objects can be cached to your HDD, and you can have these pages saved and available offline. Check that under tools, Internet options, general tab, temp internet files, settings and make sure the auto option button is checked. You will also see that when you add to your favourites an option to View offline" is available...Not everything can be cached though - only static objects, text, GIF,Jpeg etc. CGI scripts etc. cannot be cached. You may find some objects missing but I guess you can live with that...

  Pidder 18:26 04 Sep 2003

Surely History contains what you have viewed over the period it's set for.

  stlucia 08:44 05 Sep 2003

Thanks for all the replies. I see now that I can view offline every page I've downloaded, by using File Open. The pages themselves are stored in My Documents, with separate folders for the images etc. that are on the pages -- I don't know why, that's just what AOL does by default.

I was really hoping there might be a way to get the whole newspaper downloaded without having to manually go through all the links, but this is better than nothing.

By the way, I use AOL 7 but most of the solutions offered relate to IE. Can IE be used to access AOL accounts?

  Borg-Clone 10:53 05 Sep 2003

of course history stores a list of sites, usually this will go "online" as it stores the online url. I guess the luxury of broadband and always on is not having to worry about this ;-)

my suggestion - switch to broadband and you'll never look look for the threads regarding "which broadband ISP.." :-))

  wildrover 11:13 05 Sep 2003

There is a great offline web page utility here click here but it should be used with care - read the 'rules'. As an aside, I first came accross this on this wonderful site full of freeware click here I have never seen this site mentioned in the mags / forums (fora?) but it is v.v. useful.

  abc77 12:37 05 Sep 2003

If you use AOL, I believe that you can store the web pages. However, news is needed to be updated. you still need to connect AOL to download the latest news. Call the AOL helpdesk, it is free of charge, ask them how to maximise the use of their brower. I am sure that you can use IE6 to connect AOL account, I have tried it few times without any success. I use IE6 brower instead when I connect to AOL.

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