How do I read Hotmail with Thunderbird?

  joethebow 23:38 08 Oct 2007

The title says it all. I need an easy, step by step guide to making Mozilla Thunderbird read my Hotmail Accounts.

Thanks, I know someone's already figured it out. There was a sort of explanation on the Mozilla Website but it was authentic gibberish.

  Stuartli 23:52 08 Oct 2007

See: click here

  joethebow 10:30 09 Oct 2007

Downloaded the patches and installed them. Unfortunatly still no joy:

I set up the email addresses in Thunderbird, it didn't ask for passwords. Restarted Thunderbird and as it started it asked for passwords. Then gave the following error:

Sending the username did not succeed. Mail server localhost responded: undefined is a unsupported domain.

I have no idea what this means or what to do to sort it.

Any ideas?

  Pastor Joe 00:20 11 Oct 2007

Sorry, it might work but it's too late. I've deleted Thunderbird after a week of frustration. If they want people to use it they must make it easier to use. I even went to their own help sites and forums and all i got was gobledgook and misinformation.

So it's gone and I've downloaded Windows Live Mail. Didn't have to do anything to set it up, just imported everything from Outlook Express as Thunderbird ought to have been able to do.

Mozilla are not doing themselves any favours making their programme so hard to use with the most popular email services.

  Stuartli 10:01 11 Oct 2007

>>as Thunderbird ought to have been able to do.>>

Of course you can Import all Outlook Express configuration into Thunderbird, whether during or after installing it....:-)

  DieSse 11:22 11 Oct 2007

I've used Thunderbird for several years - and I started off by importing emails etc from Outlook2000 without a hitch. As Stuartli says - it also imports OE.

As for using it with Webmail accounts - I use mine with Hotmail, GMail, and have a friend who use it with Yahoo. They were all easy to setup and to me the instructions were very clear. It actually shows all the screens and what you enter at each step.

In fact Thunderbird works with far more webmail accounts than Outlook Express ever did. And of course you would expect two MS products to work together more readily - the wonder is that they sometimes don't.

So - whilst you may well have had some problems, they're not seen by everyone by any means.

  Pastor Joe 12:34 11 Oct 2007

I asked for help here and at Mozila. No one appeared to be able to tell me how to set Thunderbird up to read hotmail.

I did import Outlook Express into Thunderbird it still did not work.

Mozilla have just fired the Thunderbird developers and sold off Thunderbird stating that they did not have the resources to get it to work properly.

I'd still like to get Thunderbird working but this is not the first time I've tried and failed.

Like I said if I could get it working I'd use it. It's no use saying someone else got it to work, that someone wasn't me.

And incidentally, I do usually know what I'm doing, been around computers since the days we reprogrammed them by changing gearboxes, used ball resolvers, summing resistor networks and op-amps.

  DieSse 12:50 11 Oct 2007

First you get the add-on webmail module. Then you get the specific hotmail module. Then you setup the hotmail module as described on the website. Then you setup your hotmail account in Thunderbird. Then it works.

Honestly, I thought it was all quite straightforward and well described in the support pages.

If your import failed I have no clue how to resolve it - you simply said failed - nit what happened. Even then, as I didn't do that, I might not be able to help.

What I can say, however is that it can all work fine.

A "how to" link click here

  Stuartli 13:20 11 Oct 2007

Re Importing, you can also Import all Internet Explorer's configuration into Firefox (via FF's File>Import in this case).

  DieSse 13:43 11 Oct 2007

"Sending the username did not succeed. Mail server localhost responded: undefined is a unsupported domain."

localhost is the mail server in your system.

undefined - means that somewhere it doesn't know what it's trying to connect to.

What did you do to set up your accounts in Thunderbird?

  DieSse 19:28 11 Oct 2007

"...when I created my hotmail account in Thunderbird for some reason the @hotmail domain wasn't added to the user name...."

Yes - definitely the @hotmail must be included.

Although you would normally be typing it in yourself, as how else will TB know what your user name is?

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