How do I re-format a hard drive & re-install XP?

  corc2 19:12 22 Apr 2003

A friends computer is really screwed up and I have suggested re-formatting and re-installing XP. He is quite happy to do this and has asked me to help him. I have never done it and I don't know much about XP as I use Win98SE. I know it is probably straight-forward but I would really appreciate some guidance. He doesn't need to save any files, he is happy to wipe the drive. Spec is 1GB Athlon, 256RAM, CD-ROM, G-Force2 64MB, XP Pro.
Many thanks in advance, Andrew.

  GORAL 19:23 22 Apr 2003

Hopefully your friend has an XP CD? (even an OEM) in which case just ask the BIOS to boot from the CD and it will offer the options to re-install the O/S including reformatting if necessary.

  mdshamilton 09:02 25 Apr 2003

I did a clean install of XP Home on my PC as it's 5 yrs old and suddenly running very slowly. I followed Bela's linked instructions, including formatting the C drive from FAT32 to NTFS. The only thing is - my C drive is 20 Gb, and I have 13 Gb used up after installing XP Home and XP Office. I opened the C drive and there is still a whole load of old software etc in there. Is there a better way of re-formatting the disk to wipe out all existing data?

Very grateful for your help as I need to get the PC up and running this weekend.



  graham√ 10:02 25 Apr 2003

All you need to do is a System Recover. Depending on the PC you will have to find it somewhere in programs. You should get an option for a full recover or a partial which won't remove all the files. Not to be confused with system restore, by the way.

  hssutton 15:23 25 Apr 2003

Not being very knowledgable on this subject and unable to find anything on the XP disk that would help, I simply put in my old Win 98se recovery disk, from this I was able to get into Dos and reformat. As I was intending to reinstall Win 98 I also had to fdisk. The left me with a totally clean disk. I have since reinstalled XP

  Peverelli 15:47 25 Apr 2003

It depends on whether your friend has bought XP as an upgrade, or the full version.

I bought an upgrade, so when I found I had to re-install XP I had to format the drive, install W98 and then the upgrade. When asked for the serial number I was informed that this number had already been registered and I had to ring MicrosoftUK to be given (as I remember) some sort of unlock code (you need to be in front of the computer when talking to them, as they'll need some details from your screen). With the full version you can leave out installing the old OS first.

I'm surprised that mdshamilton found a lot of old software still on the HD. Formatting should get rid of all of that stuff.

  corc2 23:06 25 Apr 2003

After following Belas link, we decided to re-format the drive and re-install. We were not allowed to re-format because of errors so I concluded that the hDD was knackered in some way. Probably could have used Win98 start-up disk but my mate has decided to send computer back to who built it for him and upgrade. Many thanks for all who helped.

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