how do i put W7 on laptop as dual boot?

  buel 08:27 03 Jun 2009

Hi, i've recently installed Windows 7 on my brother's desktop and im impressed (even though my brother wants me to reinstall xp on there which im doing tonight) but what i want to ask is being as i've registered it to that particular pc am i able to use it on any other pc or laptop? the reason i ask is that my friend has asked me to put it on his laptop as a dual boot if i can, please can you tell me is this possible+if so how is it done? i think he only has a 40gb hard drive though but all the other specs are ok for w7!

  ambra4 09:05 03 Jun 2009

Windows 7 RC is only a Bata version at present and can de installed on multi computers using

the same product code until June 2010

“How to dual boot Windows 7 with XP or Vista”

click here

A 40GB hard drive is a bit small; allow minimum 15GB for windows 7 which will allow you to

install some of the software that you already have on XP

  buel 12:44 03 Jun 2009

Thank you for that!
Say he (or anyone) puts the same amount of programmes on the w7 o.s would this have any negative effect on the way the xp o.s ran?

  PO79 12:48 03 Jun 2009

The two OS's run separately and independently, and one will have no effect on the other.

  buel 14:27 03 Jun 2009

Thank you for these answers!
If my friend decided that he no longer wanted W7 and wanted to stick to the xp o.s how much trouble would it be to uninstall w7/the partition?

  User-1229748 14:44 03 Jun 2009
  buel 19:50 14 Jun 2009

Hi, the latest is that i've followed the steps necessary but for some reason the Vista laptop h.d im attempting to partition wont let me partition more than 1.7gb.
The h.d is 250gb but when i go into 'shrink the excisting partition' it says:
Total size before shrink in mb: 228766
Size of available shrink space in mb: 1788
Enter the amount of space to shrink in mb: 1788
Total size after shrink in mb: 226978

Has anyone any idea why the available shrink space is only 1.7gb when i actually need at least 16gb???

  woodchip 20:10 14 Jun 2009

I use Acronis Disc Director suit 10 have no problems with any partitions. If you are using the Windows one it most likely as limits Or your drive as a lot of stuff on it and also Restore and Page file may be stopping you dropping it too far.

  buel 21:11 14 Jun 2009

Hmmm..What is this page file? And how can i alter the Restore so's to free up memory please?

  dan11 21:23 14 Jun 2009

Page filing or virtual memory is a portion reserved on the hard drive to write to instead of physical memory. It does the same as physical memory but slower. It can be set to a fixed value in XP or it can be turned off, if there is sufficient physical memory, this will give you more hard drive space and may allow a shrink and expand drive to work.

System restore reserves 12% of hard drive space as standard in a XP operating system. It does it for the main drive and the partitions. This segment of reserved space can be reduced or eliminated to zero by simple steps.

  dan11 21:28 14 Jun 2009

also known as virtual memory on the partition

right click my computer
virtual memory
select drive
pick no paging file
and ok

This turns off paging file for the partition.

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