How do I print table of contents for a CDR?

  harpo 16:59 10 Jan 2004

Any advice would be appreciated.

I have created a CDR of MP3's with loads of tracks. I wanted to print a list of these tracks for reference but I can't find a simple way of doing this!

Copying the file info in explorer just copies the entire files and tries to embed them into word

I used magix audio lab 3 deluxe to create the mp3's over a period of time but don't have the TOC that matches the cdr contents and some of the mp3's are downloads

Tried copying the playlist from windows media player but again the whole file copies rather than the track info only

Tried viewing the drive contents in explorer and printing the view as a screenshot but don't know how to get this to work (so I could print the screenshot and just crop the image to leave the text info)

I could do this one longhand but it isn't ideal longer term and would appreciate any help or advice

Thanks all



  narke 17:23 10 Jan 2004

There is program at click here
I have used this in the past and it seemed to do the job

  ton 17:27 10 Jan 2004

Try this H:\>dir /B /S > c:\cdlist.txt

Use the Dos prompt, Change C to the directory to be listed (in place of H above).

Make sure you put in the spaces. This will put a text file in your C drive.

  lixdexik 18:18 10 Jan 2004

And was directed to the same site that narke has suggested..Karens directory printer..It is a great wee prog. It will do exactly what you are after.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  bretsky 21:37 10 Jan 2004

If you received Tips & Tricks Nov/Dec 2003 no 07, there's a great little file I downloaded from the disc{Family tree designer on the cover}called "Printdir.bat" download it and put it in the Send To folder.

Right click the folder of contents you want to print and from the dropdown menu, highlight send To and from the window that appears you will see printdir-click on that, and all the contents of that folder will be printed.

It is DOS based and the list printed is very basic but very usable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck ..............bretsky;0)

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