How do I Print Screen?

  pherpo 22:14 17 Jul 2004

When I press shift + print screen, nothing happens. I want to send a screen shot by email, but don`t know how to do it. I am using windows xp home edition with sp1. Please advise this novice.

  Mikè 22:16 17 Jul 2004

In doing the above you have copied it to the clipboard, just right click and and paste it wherever.

  Johny C 22:19 17 Jul 2004

press the print screen key, then open say paint and paste it in there.

if you just want the active window then press alt and print screen. and again paste it itno an application like word or paint.

  pc moron 22:20 17 Jul 2004

Try this click here

  Mikè 22:21 17 Jul 2004

I should add paste it into a photo editor, and save as jpeg. Then import it into your email client.

  pherpo 22:22 17 Jul 2004

where is the clipboard? i can`t find it anywhere.

  Mikè 22:22 17 Jul 2004

You have a photo editor in xp goto start/programs/accessories/paint.

  Mikè 22:26 17 Jul 2004

Just to be clear press shift and print screen, then open the Paint program. Then goto edit (on the toolbar) and click paste the pic will appear.

Now goto file and save as a jpeg.

  woodchip 22:27 17 Jul 2004

You should be able to paste in any program. Just start a Photo program or text and press paste key

  Mikè 22:29 17 Jul 2004

"where is the clipboard? i can`t find it anywhere."
The clipboard is a temporary file where things that have been copied or cut are held until needed.

  helmetshine 22:36 17 Jul 2004


open your image editor...when open hit ctrl+v.....that should paste it in for you

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