How do I "point" MS Outlook at a the .pst file?

  SunbeamFanatic 09:16 16 Nov 2010


My PC was previously set up by someone else and most of the data was stored on a NAS device, I now need to decouple the NAS from the PC.

Previously the .pst MS Outlook file was on the NAS, I have now copied this to the User section of the PC but need to know how to make MS Outlook use this new location rather than the NAS drive?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


  rawprawn 09:59 16 Nov 2010

In Outlook File> Import/Export> Import from another program or file> Next> Scroll down to .pst file> Next> Browse to the .pst file you want to import

  Terry Brown 10:08 16 Nov 2010

At a guess, I woul say you need to access the Boot.ini file.

First from RUN type in MSCONFIG

then go to Boot.ini and run the 'Check all boot paths' button.

This should (hopefully) find that the NAS device is not connected and correct it, otherwise you will need to access the Boot.ini file directly.

To do this :

from search type in boot.ini. Activate all system and hidden files.
When you find the file make a copy calling it boot.bak (in case of an error, so you can recover it).
Open it in NOTEPAD, no other program is suitable.

Remove the line the specifies the non-excistant NAS drive, save and re-boot.

This should now default to the normal harddrive system.

  Woolwell 10:19 16 Nov 2010

Which version of Outlook?
This is for Outlook 2003 click here

  BRYNIT 10:19 16 Nov 2010

Which version of MS outlook.

After a quick search this should help click here

Which version of MS outlook.

After a quick search this should help click here

With Outlook 2007/10 go to tools/account settings/data files and search for the pst file. Set a default restart outlook and delete the old file location.

  SunbeamFanatic 10:31 16 Nov 2010


I'm using Outlook 2007

Does this change things?



  Woolwell 10:42 16 Nov 2010

BRYNIT has provided where to look. See also click here

  SunbeamFanatic 12:15 16 Nov 2010


Many thanks chaps.


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