How do I plumb this CD rewriter in??

  pickle factory 18:21 28 Dec 2003

Help!! I am a pc beginner and I have a new cd writer to add to my pc. I want to keep my existing cd reader, which, at present is on the primary IDE with my hard drive. My floppy is on it's own on the secondary with an IDC34 floppy cable ribbon. The instructions in my new CDR recommend transferring existing CD to secondary (As master) along with new CDR (As slave). My problem is that the floppy cable can only support one more drive on secondary, but I would need one for each CD drive as well as the floppy (Both CD drives have similar IDC type connections). Tried PC world for cable to support 2 more drives, but they don't stock one. Am I missing something obvious? It can't be that difficult can it? Is there another method? Please help!!

  Big Elf 18:39 28 Dec 2003

Normally the floppy is on its own connector and doesn't use the 'normal' IDE channel that hard drives and CD/DVDs use and has a different connector cable. It sounds as though you need another Hard Drive connector cable which will fit into a slot somewhere near the one that your hard drive is connected to.

You would connect your CD and CD writer to this second channel. You need to set the jumpers on the back of 1 CD to be a master and the other as a slave. Hopefully a diagram for the correct setting will be printed on a sticker on the drives or in the instructions. A jumper is a small piece of plastic that connects 2 of the smallest pins on the back of the unit together.

  pickle factory 18:40 28 Dec 2003

Basic problem might be that I know bugger all. Dead right about floppy being on it's own port (I thought that was secondary IDE Derrrrrr!) Stupid question, but could the empty port right next to the primary in use, be the secondary?

  pickle factory 19:58 28 Dec 2003

Thanks folks, all great advice so far.
I've stuck it all in and pc now recognises 2 cd drives present, however, neither of them now recognise a disc inside (Even my original which was OK). Do I need to reconfigure anything?

  pickle factory 21:20 28 Dec 2003

Thanks folks.
Turned out dodgy lead (Dodgier fitter). All superb help and advice, even a pc cabbage like me eventually got it right. All up and AOK. Cheers for your patience, much appreciated.

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