+++ How do I play video files with .001

  pcdimwit 20:57 13 Oct 2010

I have been sent some small vids (have them saved on a USB tick that I dont have with me) some of them play straight away on windows media player, or VLC media player or with QuickTime player, but others bring up a window on the media player that says "winodws does not recognize this file extension......" the vid files end in avi.001 avi.001 etc., my question is: Why cant I play these files on the windows media player, and what can I do to convert them to make them play?? thanks. PCDIMWIT

Can't suggest anything, but VLC plays almost anything.

Just a thought you could try renaming a COPY of the file without the .001 and see if it will play.

  Les28 21:08 13 Oct 2010

Try HJ Split as mentioned here

click here

click here

  whateveritis 01:17 14 Oct 2010

hmmm, I guess cause that is the first part out of many... I always use windows media player classic to play such file, and it worked! Or maybe you can find the rest of the file (ex: avi.002, avi.003) and combine them with application, such hjsplit or so on. It should become .avi (only) and then it can be played easily...

  pcdimwit 22:47 19 Oct 2010

Hi, I have made succesfully a "joined2 file vid. from the HJsplit programme, this seems to work fine with files prefixed with avi.001 etc., HOWEVER I have come across files with a prefix called avi.001zip and the HJsplit will join these type of files but them puts them in a zipped folder that I cant get to open, it says on the "properties" that there is the amount of the size of the file i.e. 180mb in the file but I cant get this zipped file to open, any suggestions how I can join avi.001zip prefixed files to make them play as a normal vid. file (without zipped folder thus) thanks, PCDIMWIT

Again can't offer any expert help, but have you tried removing the "zip" at the end to see if they will join ? Make copies before you try this!

  pcdimwit 23:58 19 Oct 2010

This doesnt work, if you remane the file it wont play at all, the media player still says that "this file is not supported or recognized" I dont think just removing a prefix that obviously has some meaning for the way the files are actually being documented or stored "inside" the zip file wont be altered by simply removing the zip designation on the file name, that is like simply putting a label for peaches on a tin of beans and expecting there to be peaches when you open the tin of beans. Hmmmmm!!!! I'm not such a PCDIMWIT that I cant see THAT!!!!

  Les28 10:02 20 Oct 2010

Don't know whether this will work says it will "join and decompress split files to get the original file"

click here

Other ideas

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How are you trying to extract or decompress the combined Zip that HJ Split makes, are you using something like WinRAR or 7-Zip?

  Les28 10:15 20 Oct 2010

IZArc is another one you could try for uncompressing/extracting

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