How do I open a wps (word pad document)

  Dannyb 09:30 14 Sep 2005

Somebody has sent me a word pad document which shows as gobbledegook. Is there a way to open it so that I can read it? Thanks.

  pj123 09:33 14 Sep 2005

a wps file is a Microsoft Works file. You would need MS Works to open it or alternatively ask the person who sent it to send it again as an RTF or text file, then word or wordpad will be able to open it.

  Gongoozler 09:36 14 Sep 2005

wps is a Microsoft Works document, not Wordpad. If you have Microsoft Word, you need a converter for the wps document. Depending on the version of Works used to generate the document, this is the sort of thing you need click here

  handful 09:40 14 Sep 2005

You could try right clicking on the file and select 'Open with' and then select Word. Some versions of word will open some versions of wps files although there may not be an automatic link. Another inexplicable bit of thinking from MS!

  palinka 16:24 14 Sep 2005

basically the simplest solution is the one from pj123. The doc is written in MSWorks, which MSWord cannot read. (I know, I know!). I have friends who still use MSworks (even when they have MSword on their computer)and until recently I had to remind them frequently to save everything they write as RTF if they intend sending it as an attachment in email. You may have to explain to your friend that to do this he goes to File>save as> and then chooses Rich Text Format from the "Save as Type" drop-down options list at the bottom of that dialogue box.

  pj123 16:32 14 Sep 2005

If this wps document is not sensitive you could forward it to me and I will convert it for you. I have MS Works and MS Word on my computer.

You would need to email me first via the envelope so that I could send you my email address.

  Diemmess 17:38 14 Sep 2005

If you are in a hurry and not fussy about the formatting going up the creek then you may be able to open it (with Word 2000) choosing under file type - "Recover text from any file"

  Dannyb 19:30 14 Sep 2005

Thanks for all of the advice. I didn't realise it was going to be that awkward. I have now asked him to send it in rtf format. Sorry I can't ask you,pj123, to do it for me, but it contains names addresses etc. and what with data protection and all that c*** I don't think I should. Thanks for the offer though.

  pj123 20:50 14 Sep 2005

Not a problem mate. Hopefully you will get it resent in rtf format and all will be OK.

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