How do I open pst file

  serenitysue 08:56 14 Oct 2014

I have downloaded a pst file from a memory stick on to my laptop, but I can't open it as it says the adobe reader can't read it. I do not have microsoft office on my laptop, is this what is causing the problem?

  QuizMan 09:19 14 Oct 2014

PST files are associated with Microsoft Outlook and cannot be opened in Adobe reader

  Ian in Northampton 09:45 14 Oct 2014

Like Quizman said: you need Outlook. I guess it would be interesting to know why you've downloaded a .pst file if you don't have Outlook?

  Woolwell 11:09 14 Oct 2014

I may be cynical and wrong but this has the hallmarks of the beginning of a spam thread with the answer promoting a pst repair program to follow.

  serenitysue 12:53 14 Oct 2014

Sorry no this is not a spam thread. I am away from home at the moment and I am on a computer that does not have outlook, I downloaded some e-mails to deal with when I was away without realising the problem, and found I couldn't read them. I will have to wait until I get home. Thank you for your help.

  Ian in Northampton 14:18 14 Oct 2014

Oh, Woolwell... ;-)

  Woolwell 14:42 14 Oct 2014


  QuizMan 15:23 14 Oct 2014

If you have internet access, this works: freeviewer

  wee eddie 09:07 15 Oct 2014

Hang on: You downloaded some emails onto the PC that has Outlook (Office) and now want to read them on another PC?

So:Could they still be on your email supplier's Server? Is there someone close to the original PC who could forward them to you on an email address that is available to you on your current PC?

  KerryWatson 07:16 05 Jun 2015

Well, if you don't have MS Outlook installed and you want to view content of PST file, in such case you can try this tool, I got while searching on internet click here You can download it, its absoluetly free of cost.

  john bunyan 11:08 05 Jun 2015

This thread was in Oct 2014; this reply is a bit late!!

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