How do I open msn_mail.msnbak ?

  wots it all about 21:02 19 Jul 2005

I have been trying to help someone move all their stuff from one pc ( laptop) to a new desktop. We have managed most of it but are having trouble copying their MSN emails stored on the old pc. They had it so that emails were filtered into folders stored on the pc.(They use MSN Premium as their email service. )I contacted MSN and was told to located the DB file in the MSN folder, and email it back to myself so it would go in the inbox. This I did but when i try to open the file it says it doesnt know the file extension, which is .msnbak (full path - msn_mail.msnbak ? )

Can anyone help, as it really is driving me nutty now.
Many thanks

  Chris Webster 22:42 19 Jul 2005

I would have thought that as MSN is a web based email service then all you would need to do was log into it on the new computer.

Cheers, Chris.

  wots it all about 23:21 19 Jul 2005

Hi Chris
Yes you can log on to get access to your emails stored on msn's servers, but these emails have been filtered and thus are stored in folders on the pc. You cant even just copy them, as the file extn is unknown, which is what I need help with......
Thanks anyway

  John-285116 10:33 10 Mar 2006

Can someone please tell me what has happened to
MSN Email? for over a week now I have not been able to see my emails. It seems that there are
several million others who use MSN who are
having the same problem! MSN will not respond
to any one about this, what is going on.

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