How do I open DVD-R to add more data ? (Nero 6.6)

  Dominator2 14:29 05 Mar 2006

I have burnt CD files for years but now have a new DVD+RW drive that burns on almost any disk using Nero. I tested a DVD+R disk and successfully added two small files which could then be read.

However, although I thought I followed the instructions to the letter including "allow files to be added multi session task". When I reinserted the DVD+R, I was unable to add any more data. A window stated My disk E: Total size 1.18mB free space 0 .

What is the trick to reopen a DVD+R to enable more data to be added please ? Or am I using the wrong type of disk for my purpose?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:46 05 Mar 2006

If using Nero Express DVD\make data disc, you should get a window where you can add files. It is possible that your disc has been finalised, if you go to Nero Burning Rom with your disc inserted and click on continue multisession it will either crank up or tell you that the disc is full or something along those lines. Make sure you have DVD selected in the menu.

  john-232317 15:05 05 Mar 2006

Sounds like its burned and finalised as it states 0 left.

Luv the name ( Hertz Van Rentyl ) ;-)

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:16 05 Mar 2006

Thanx Avis,(the wife) will be pleased.

  Stuartli 15:25 05 Mar 2006

When you close down a multisession mode in Nero you should get a message panel up asking if you wish to Save the main file name's changes (whatever you named it).

Always click Yes.

If you don't then the unsaved main file causes problems and you sometimes can't even open up files that have already been burned to a disk.

  BRYNIT 15:32 05 Mar 2006

I find Nero express the easiest to use for multi session.

Open Nero Express, make sure it is set to DVD sellect data/data disc.

Add files click next.

Make sure allow files to be added later(multisession disc) is ticked.

Click on burn.

The next time you open Nero Express it will allow you to add more files.

When you have the disk in the DVD drive start Nero Express and click on more/disc info this will tell you how much space has been used and available space left on the disc.

When you put a DVD disk in your DVD-WR auto play opens a window, this will show free space 0 it cannot read the space that has not been used.

  Stuartli 18:53 05 Mar 2006

I prefer to use the Multisession mode in Nero6 Burning ROM to create a new disk, give it a folder name and then Start the multisession mode.

Providing you have Saved the file each time you use the disk in multisession mode, you can keep adding files until the disk is full - it is Finalised just before the last session.

  Dominator2 20:16 05 Mar 2006

Thanks for all the help I have received in such a short time, I am overwhelmed.

I will print all this up and experiment later.

However I have to say that I first received a tip from a totally non technocrat operator, who said "Forget Nero, just drag the files into the drive and XP will take care of it." I did that with a fresh CD and in seconds it popped out and I popped it in again and successfully added more files and seconds later I extracted the disk with all files on. I found it read perfectly on my other PC of 8 years vintage and on Win98. I will get another DVD+R tomorrow and try the same with that.

  Dominator2 07:33 12 Mar 2006

On my PC ( Emachines E4026 ) Drag & drop works for a CDW but not for a DVD+R but thanks to your help I got Nero working reliably.

  mehome 08:37 12 Mar 2006

easy cd creator has a drag to disc can format a dvdwr disc and use it like a floppy,adding or removing files easily.

  Stuartli 13:42 12 Mar 2006

But you don't need to format a disk to use it in multisession mode as against emulating a hard drive.

I've got many a CD-R that has been used in multisession mode to keep small programs, utilities, updates etc to install either on mine or other systems.

The only time such a disk is finalised is when there is no more space available after the current additions.

The key factor is to ensure, as I stated earlier, that you always Save the latest folder additions. If you don't, then you may not be able to/cannot read some of the files already on the disk.

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