How do i network 2 PCs without a router

  clayton 09:52 29 Mar 2003

Hi a friend has 1mb cable broadband & whats to network her two pcs, she wants to be able to share files between both pcs & surf the net could you give us some idea of the hardware we will need & how easy is it to setup thanks.

  Legolas 09:57 29 Mar 2003

She will need two nic 10/100 cards one for each computer a length of crossover cable and that is about it if she is just networking two computers. More information on what Operating systems she has on her computers is needed re the setup.

  Smuggler 10:03 29 Mar 2003

the basic way to do this is you need 3 network cards and 1 crossover cable 2 cards in the machine that connects to the internet and 1 in the other machine connect the cable modem to one of the network carda in the main machine and the other comp to the other nic. as i say this is just the basic setup an you can get more help if you click here
one tip if you are using win98 it is advisable to put 2 different make nic cards in as if you you have 2 the sme it could cause a problem getting them set up in windows. this doesnt happen with xp

  gemstone 12:18 29 Mar 2003

Sorry to disagree at an early stage but I have never needed three network cards to create a simple network. Provided the two are coupled with a cross-over cable internet access is provided for by one PC that connects 'directly to the internet' while the other is set to 'connect to another PC that connects to the network'. These are options you set when you run the Network wizard. There appears to be a myth that 'networking' PC's is difficult and it does get more complicated with multiple stations, but 2 PC's should present no challenge even to the novice, there is a perfectly easy to follow walkthrough in the Windows help directory, like they say.....'when all else fails, follow the instructions'

  Legolas 13:01 29 Mar 2003

The only way I can see that you would need three NIC cards is if the cable modem only has an ethernet port but that is unlikely as it will probably be connected via the USB port.

  Megatyte 13:06 29 Mar 2003

If the modem is ethernet it's already installed, so only 2 cards need to be purchased.


  billyliv 13:08 29 Mar 2003

Hi, If one PC is XP and the other one say, 98, you will need a router. I tried for months networking one XP with two MEs and I think I exhausted all the help websites. I bought a 'D Link' Router and had all machines on broadband within 30 minutes. Cheers, Bill

  SurgicalSpirit 13:31 29 Mar 2003


How does one connect the cable modem to the computer if the nic is connected to the other pc. your suggestion assumes that the cable modem is usb and that is not always the case

  clayton 13:42 29 Mar 2003

Thanks for all your replys sofar, both pcs have win xp on & now she tells me that she would like to add her laptop to the network too, thats running Windows 2000, the only reason she doesnt want to use her router ( Belkin F5D6230-3 ) router is because it blocks sending of files via msn & playing of online games ect.

  Eagie 13:43 29 Mar 2003

I have a PC running XP networked with a PC running ME with no problems at all - and no router.

Both machines have ethernet built in on their motherboards so there was no need for extra cards and they are connected by a crossover cable. I ran the Network wizard on the XP machine which produced a setup disk for the ME machine. Both machines can make use of my adsl modem which is connected via usb to the XP machine.

Setup was dead easy thanks to XP.

  Eagie 13:48 29 Mar 2003

I am relying on others to confirm this as an idea, but would it work if all the computers to be networked had a bluetooth dongle?

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