How do I move mp3s from CD to Windows Media Player

  hawthorn59 23:01 11 Jul 2008


I have about 150 mp3s stored on a cd-r. Not an audio cd, just stored there. They will play no problem through WIMp11, but there are some Id like to add to the library. There doesnt seem to be an option in WMP to do that, you cant rip them as they're already in mp3 format.

Any ideas?


  ashdav 23:11 11 Jul 2008

Can you not copy the files to the hardrive then access them from there ?
The reason they won't show up in a library context is because they are on a CD and are removable.

  nosharpe 23:13 11 Jul 2008

Open the CD folder, highlight all the MP3 files, and copy them.
Then paste to a folder on your PC

  DieSse 23:48 11 Jul 2008

Copy them from your CD into the My Documents - My Music folder.

WMP will find them in there automatically. That's the place where it's normal to store music files on the hard drive.

  hawthorn59 01:04 12 Jul 2008

Of course! I should have been able to think of the simple solution! I was looking for WMP to do something like "import mp3s"!

Slightly off topic, I have another USB with a couple of hundred more tracks, but a lot of them have the extension .m4a which I think is itunes (I used to use).

Actually just checked them, some are mp4s (?) and some say Windows Media File .m4a; neither will play in WMP11. Is there a way of converting them? Apart from burning them all to cd and re-ripping.....(no, please not!)



  petterford 04:52 12 Jul 2008

try to highlight all the mp3 songs in your cd and copy then paste in your winamp or media player then save as play list..

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