How do I measure my up/downloads

  ruskle 19:30 18 Nov 2005

Is there any reliable way to measure the amount of data I am up or dowloading, for example, log on to the bank, transfer funds, pay a bill and maybe send a couple of emails. I have just aquired one of Vodafone's free data and sim cards with my new Tosh Centrino Laptop and as the cost are related to data tranfer it would be interesting to know what I am using wih my B/B before I decide to use it when I am away from an access point for Wi Fi.
The software with the datacard gives a total of data transfered but I would like to know what to expect in advance.


  Icky 20:27 18 Nov 2005

I use this. It works very well:

click here

  freaky 20:28 18 Nov 2005

Download NetMeter, this is freeware - it will give you all the information on your uploads/downloads.

  GaT7 20:33 18 Nov 2005

What to expect in advance? You may be asking for the impossible. G

PS - For measuring my usage I use RAS Graph & Stats click here - the best one I've used.

  keith-236785 20:44 18 Nov 2005

i ditto freaky, Netmeter monitors my internet connection and displays a daily/weekly/monthly/total report depending on what you want. its ideal for someone on a capped internet account (im on 30gig/month with ntl) you can also set an alarm to sound when you reach a specific level of up/down loading

only problem i have found with it is that it does not monitor the second pc which connects through the router, i would need to install netmeter again on that pc and keep an eye on the ammount of usage adding it to the main pc's usage to get a total figure. something to watch for if you have a home network.

  ruskle 20:57 18 Nov 2005

What to expect in advance!
Yes I realise it is impossible to forsee the future but a ROUGH idea what an email or bank transfer would be using is all I expect.
The FREE vodafone card has £20 already on it so i can experiment a bit.
Thanks to all.

  GaT7 21:02 18 Nov 2005

As you rightly said, a little experimenting could give you a rough idea. Using one of the above meters, you could send emails & do your Internet banking & see how much your using. G

  GaT7 21:04 18 Nov 2005

Or, even use the datacard software to do the same - sorry, missed that one : ) G

  ruskle 21:06 18 Nov 2005

OK chaps, downloaded the software, run it and got the results.
Cheers and beers,

  Stuartli 00:02 19 Nov 2005

Apart from the fact that most ISPs provide a usage facility, I've found that Technology Bandwidth Meter provides all the information required. Small download at:

click here

  Stuartli 00:03 19 Nov 2005

Tautology Bandwidth Meter..:-)

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