How do I make a replica of my hard drive in real time?

  MikeSA 20:32 10 Aug 2013

How do I go about making an exact replica of my hard drive in real time so that, in the event of a hard drive crash, all I need to do is simply to replace the crashed hard drive with the replica? Is this ever possible?

  john bunyan 21:07 10 Aug 2013

Many here prefer Acronis True Image (ATI). Have a look via Google. I prefer to partition my hard drive into C: - for all system and program files and (in my case) F: where I keep all my self generated data, under a folder "My Documents" with the usual sub folders for Word, Photos, Music etc. I find it easier to make frequent mirror images of this folder (daily) using Freefilesynch, set to make a copy of the "left" folder (on F drive) to the "right" folder on the second drive. This is far quicker than ATI, but it does not work for system and program files, so I make an ATI image of my C drive about every week on an external drive. ATI would work on a non partitioned drive but it is far more cumbersome. W7has its own backup system if you have it, but I found it too long winded


  wiz-king 17:14 12 Aug 2013

I dont know of any program that will make a backup in real time. Most take a long time to do even incremental backups. You could set it to run every night but this would use up a lot of disc space, so you would have to delete the older ones frequently.

  john bunyan 18:30 12 Aug 2013

If you have 2 drives in a Raid 1 (see Google) array I believe a real time duplicate is made. Trouble is, if a fault or virus occurs on one it will be on the other, so only of use for a physical fault on the drive.

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