How do I make MP3 files from Audio CD

  Neil-321636 10:09 19 Jan 2004

I have tried using Nero to convert music files to MP3 but it says that because of Licensing Restrictions it cant convert .WMA to MP3. How else can I do this please.

  Chegs ® 10:16 19 Jan 2004

Licensing Restrictions,or another way of saying "COPYRIGHT" Not sure that there is a way to convert .WMA to MP3,as I have had my puter create .WMA files that couldn't be played on the same puter I used to create the files in the 1st place(after a reinstall of windows)

  holly polly 10:20 19 Jan 2004

click here
click here
regards-hol pol....

  smegs 10:27 19 Jan 2004

Neilp, U need to burn the cd as DATA not AUDIO.

  Neil-321636 10:29 19 Jan 2004

Cheers Holly Polly I'll give those a try.

  smegs 10:51 19 Jan 2004

Sorry holly polly, If you are using Nero you do not need an MP3 convertor. Sorry I'm using Nero 6. Open Nero, and just click DATA CD and not AUDIO CD. This will convert it to mp3. Have U tried it this way Neilp?

  Neil-321636 10:59 19 Jan 2004


I'm trying to convert to MP3 from an Audio CD to download to a mobile phobe that plays MP3. Can I still use Nero to do that?

  soy 11:12 19 Jan 2004

CDex, comes highly recommended!

'CDex is a tool to do all sorts of things audio related. Mainly focused on ripping and converting, things like turning your home Compact Disc collection into an mp3 collection on your hard drive become extremely easy. With built in support for many encoders you wont find any shortage of options for your media files. Below is a more in-depth explination of CDex features'.

CDEX: click here

Best of all, its Freeware.

  smegs 11:50 19 Jan 2004

Neilp, I don't know about putting them onto a MP3 phone. Don't know anyone that has tried. Sorry. Surely if U make an MP3 CD, U will be able to transfer the MP3's to Ur phone. If U have the cables. Sorry I can't help with the phone thing.

  temp003 11:51 19 Jan 2004

Your first post says convert WMA to MP3. Last post says convert Audio CD to MP3.

WMA to MP3 - I suspect any program which supports the conversion directly will have to be paid for, as MS charges for its proprietary format (and a lot of trial periods programs only allow you to convert half the file, which is no use).

You could try using Windows Media Player itself to burn an audio CD first from the WMA files. Then rip the tracks from the audio CD to MP3 using any MP3 ripper. At least I've succeeded this way using WMA files originally ripped on my own computer from audio cds, burn to audio CD, then re-convert to MP3.

Audio CD to MP3 - lots of programs can do that. I also use CDex myself.

  Neil-321636 11:59 19 Jan 2004

Yes sorry temp003. I've got some audio already on my PC as WMA files but I then started to think about other audio that is still on CD.

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