How do i make an image of my hard drive?

  buel 10:12 01 Nov 2008

Hi there, please could anyone help me ,first of all, understand what happens when you make an image cd/dvd of your pc/laptop? and, secondly, how do i do it? I have Nero and 'imgburn' programes...

  RobCharles1981 10:56 01 Nov 2008

Get a Copy of Acronis True Image 11 and a sufficient External Hard Drive - you really cannot go wrong!

  twoshots 12:45 01 Nov 2008

I second that, although make it True Image 2009 (version 12) - version 11's Startup Recovery is renowned for causing problems for a good percentage of users.

  Pineman100 19:14 01 Nov 2008

I agree with the advice above, but you also asked what happens when you make an image.

An image is like a sophisticated backup. It contains everything that your system drive (probably C:) contains, including your data, your software and the complete operating system.

So, if you have a failure of any part of your computer system, from one small data file up to and including a complete hard disk crash, you can quickly and easily rebuild your system exactly as it was before the failure.

Acronis True Image is probably the best-known software for this. But of course you also need a drive on which to save the image.

CD's and DVD's could be used, but they aren't really practical, because their capacity is too small. The best way to save your image (as RobTheOrganGuru says) is to buy an external hard drive.

  buel 17:18 11 Nov 2008

Hi again, thanks for the info, il definitely be buying True image v12 at the end of the month, just out of interest- does anyone know of a less brilliant programme that is free? Oh and i understand how dvds dont hold enough storage space for an iamge of the hard drive but im sure iv read that you CAN do it on 1 dvd, how is this please??

  canarieslover 19:11 11 Nov 2008

I have just used this. Only works if one of the drives is Maxtor or Seagate. click here It is a cut-down version of Acronis.

  Pineman100 12:28 12 Nov 2008

There are two things that affect the size of your drive image.

One is (very obviously) the amount of data on the drive.

The other is the degree to which your imaging software compresses that data.

With Acronis TI I usually allow it to compress to its "Normal" setting. I tend to feel that, the more compression that takes place, the more risk you run of some sort of corruption taking place.

But others may disagree with me.

However, even with a very modest amount of data on your C: drive, and using a high image compression, I think it's unlikely that you'll get a full image on to one DVD.

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