How do I make HTML work on my desktop?

  useless at IT 21:02 29 Oct 2014

I have had an e-mail from as web site saying it would be better to view it if I had HTML working.

How do I do this please?

  bumpkin 23:08 29 Oct 2014

I can't understand why anyone would want to send an Email in HTML ask them to send it in plain text.

  Forum Editor 23:35 29 Oct 2014


"I can't understand why anyone would want to send an Email in HTML"

HTML emails simply look far better, and more professional. Businesses send in that format because it enables them to include formatting and allows the inclusion of a company logo, for instance.

I wouldn't dream of sending a plain text email - they look so amateurish.

  lotvic 23:57 29 Oct 2014

This begs the question: How does the "website" that has sent you an email know you haven't got HTML enabled in your email client program?

  LastChip 00:11 30 Oct 2014

While I understand fully your reasoning FE, I wouldn't dream of opening up a html email without first looking at the source code. In fact, I have that option permanently disabled and I have to opt in to see the full rendition if I choose to. And most of the time I don't. So all sorts of pretty formatting are wasted on me! All I want to see is - who is it from and what do you want.

Far safer to use plain text.

  alanrwood 09:49 30 Oct 2014

Sorry LastChiop but that is a bit paranoic. If you have a decent malware program then any nasty would be caught by it anyway. Used html email for years and never had any problem. Use common sense is the best protection.

  Batch 11:36 30 Oct 2014

Paranoia about HTML in emails begs the question as to what is done about webpages (which, of course, use HTMl extensively)?

Does anyone seriously turn off HTML in their browser? Occassionally I get a web page that does not load properly and, basically, renders as plain text - IMHO pretty useless like that.

  LastChip 12:15 30 Oct 2014

Sorry alanrwood, your post shows me you maybe a bit nieve. If you believe anti-malware software will keep you safe, you need to think again. I've seen enough broken machines (and people) complete with a plethora of anti-this and that software, to throw that right out of the window. However, I totally agree with you, common sense is the best protection, no mater what system you're using.

Perhaps I do suffer a bit from paranoia, but with good reason. No anti software is 100% effective and new attack vectors are coming on-line daily. Sadly, the darker side of this wonderful invention we call the web.

Even though I have championed Linux for years now, and it is undoubtedly a more secure system than Windows, it too sees attacks not via the kernal, but via web browsers. The bad boys have discovered it's an easier way in.

Batch, web browsers in general have a far higher resistance to attack than email clients. Many will give you a warning if it believes you've visited a malicious site. That said, (as will be well known here), dodgy web sites can and will infect your PC. So my advice would be, if you see a warning, pay heed to it unless you know for sure it's a safe site. Far too many people ignore warnings and sooner or later it comes back and bites them hard.

  useless at IT 19:04 30 Oct 2014

Folks, Many thanks to you all for your comments. However, none told me what to do to get HTML running. Any ideas please?

  LastChip 19:19 30 Oct 2014

useless at IT, Woolwell asked you in the very first reply to your post, which email client are you using? You have chosen not to answer that, so how can we tell you how to access html emails? Normally it's a setting in the email client, but beyond that, it's not possible to give you more specific information.

  alanrwood 19:30 30 Oct 2014

You were asked by Woolwell at the start of this thread what email proghram you were using and you don't appear to have answered so how can we give advice without knowing what you are using.

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