How do I link one website to another?

  pj123 12:29 18 Sep 2003

OK Guys, here is the problem. Some time ago I built a (learning) website for a friend who lives in France, using Dreamweaver MX. As he didn?t have a domain name of his own I put it up on a URL click here of mine that was not being used, so that he could look at it and make any alterations/amendments until he was satisfied with the result. Unfortunately, due to the time it was up on the web Google found it and any searches done for keywords brings up my URL (which I suppose is good) but now we have the final site and my friend has now got his own domain name click here and the same site is now uploaded to that site. As Google still points to my site and it is no longer necessary I would like to put a link for anyone accessing the eagle1936 site to be redirected to my friends site (without them knowing they are being redirected) I thought I had cracked it by just changing the links on the index page to his site, but when I click on any of the links all I get is: Page not found. In the status bar at the bottom it says, http//click here. How do I get the links to work please?

  tbh72 14:51 18 Sep 2003

As the site's are identical and your eagle19xx website is not used, I would create a simple index page on the eagle server which simply redirects to the new website.

Given time the new website will have it's own listing's on google etc, at which time you can then remove the auto redirect from the eagle server?

Hope that makes sense

  Forum Editor 16:09 18 Sep 2003

Remove the original site, and place an index page on the url:-

"Le manoir du Neveit has moved - please click here to visit the site in its new home, or wait a few seconds to be redirected"

Make the words 'click here' into a hyperlink to the new location.

  Forum Editor 16:20 18 Sep 2003

had I provided the answer to your question. Here's a Java script redirect that will send the user to the new location after 10 seconds - don't forget to insert the correct url in the script(without the spaces in the http line that I inserted to prevent a 'click here' link forming) before you send the page to the server:-

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
function redirect () { setTimeout("go_now()",10000); }
function go_now () { window.location.href = "http:// click here of new site here /index.htm"; }

  Forum Editor 16:21 18 Sep 2003

anyway - but you get the idea.

  tbh72 16:26 18 Sep 2003

There is also a simple redirect META TAG. Hopefully FE will be able to tell you what it is & explain the pro's & con's against using either META TAG or Java script!!!

  Forum Editor 17:53 18 Sep 2003

and here it is:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="10;URL=http:// www. your new location here without spaces /index.htm">

  pj123 10:14 19 Sep 2003

Thanks Guys, will try them all and let you know how I get on. I will leave this thread open for my feedback to you.

  Q-Bie 10:56 19 Sep 2003

Make sure, whenever you make a hyperlink to a website that isn't your own, you put the http:// par in the link.

If you just put in the address without http:// the browser will look for a file where you're currently browsing with that name. That's probably why you're getting the errors.

  pj123 11:40 19 Sep 2003

Q-Bie, that makes sense, I will give it try. Thanks.

  pj123 11:57 19 Sep 2003

Q-Bie, just tried your suggestion and it worked first time. Thank you. Thanks also to everyone else for the suggestions. Would you like to try it and tell me if it needs tweaking or not? The site is click here it should redirect to click here

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