Wulfrune 18:54 06 Jan 2004

Damn teapots seem to know how to alter things that I've never heard of.... ok I've changed the adminsters rights but they can still get into the control panel and make changes that I don't want them to... please forgice my ignorance, but I;m a yoghurt and need help :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:01 06 Jan 2004

'but I;m a yoghurt and need help'.....An education and a life would be a start.


  rowdy 19:22 06 Jan 2004

Try putting your question in simple english and you may get a response.


  jgosden 19:27 06 Jan 2004

who are the teapots my teapot dosn't normally touch my pc???

  MAJ 19:29 06 Jan 2004
  spikeychris 19:36 06 Jan 2004

Nice one MAJ. I could see a queue forming......

  TommyRed 19:38 06 Jan 2004

Could it be 'teapot lids = kids'. I'm only a Northerner so it's a wild guess. My monitor is made by Ethel Mermans, my OS by Petrol Tanks and my PC is situated up the apples and pears. Though I'm partial to a bit of Chas n' Dave!!. TR

  TheTerminator 19:39 06 Jan 2004

yoghurt pot = clot?

  jgosden 19:40 06 Jan 2004

you may also want to stop them from seeing the

C:\WINDOWS directory (or others) stopping them from messing up the computer.

click here

gives details on how to do this. You can make it so they can open there documents and thats it,


  jgosden 19:42 06 Jan 2004

ps since when have kids been called teapots???

a new one on me!!

  Rayuk 19:50 06 Jan 2004

See TommyRed post
teapot lids=kids

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