how do I know whicih power supply unit I need?

  Carafaraday 17:24 06 May 2004

My 4 year old-ish Advent 3031 model E2020 has totally died - no power, no light, no fan, nothing. It is presumed that a new power unit would be the first step but how do I know what to buy other than taking out existing and trotting along to pc world with it?

  sicknote 17:48 06 May 2004

Take it out and have a look !!!

  citadel 18:28 06 May 2004

go to in the power supply section you can tick boxes matching what you have installed on your computer, this will tell you what you need.

  Rayuk 18:31 06 May 2004

All you really need to know is if it is an AT or ATX model.
A 4 year old pc shouldnt be as power hungry as todays models are.

  Carafaraday 18:44 06 May 2004

Thanks for all replies - I don't really want to take the thing out as I'm hoping to get someone else to fit the new one for me, and I', far too nervous to look at the innards of a pc - I just need to get the right thing to be fitted. Are power units more or less interchangeable as long as they have enough power for what you are running? and how would I know whether it was AT or ATX?

  Carafaraday 18:54 06 May 2004

I've just looked at the User's Manual which came with th epc and it says (amongst a lot of other things) Micro ATX BX10 Mainboard (designed for Pentium II Processor). The computer was running very slow before it died and I would like to put in a higher wattage if that is a safe thing to do - please can you help me by telling me what I should ask for (and where should I go to acquire same). Thanks.

  Gaz 25 18:57 06 May 2004

Well normaly 350watts is ok for systems up to about 2200+ with 512 ram, etc.

More than 2600+ athlon or 2.6GHz intel then I would say go for a 450Watt or even 500watt or more.

You can never have too much. I tend to favor 420watt TruPower from Antec.

  Carafaraday 19:02 06 May 2004

Ok, I know I'm being dim here but do I just walk into pc world and ask for a 350 watt ATX power unit - is it that simple? and is the fan part of the power unit, or a separate thing which won't need replaced?

  DJ-Garry 19:03 06 May 2004

Try this place.
click here

  Carafaraday 19:05 06 May 2004

Thanks, I've been there and done the sums - looks like I only need under 300 watts but I still don't know
1. where to go to get the thing
2. what I ought to be asking for
I really need the basics here!

  Rayuk 19:09 06 May 2004

First check the fuse in your plug.

Go into pcworld and ask for a 300w atx power supply,that should be sufficient for what you have.

Im sure you wouldnt be upgrading this with much as it would be better selling the lot and starting again.

If you are at all wary of doing this yourself just ask them how much to replace it.

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