Dusty330 10:59 02 Oct 2003

I want to incease the RAM on my son's old Compaq Presario (4118) desktop. I'm inexperienced but, as they say, on a steep learning curve. Physically I can identify, remove and fit modules but how do I know new ones will be compatible? I do know the modules are SIMM, EDO and 72-pin, and I've found that the machine's capacity is 128MB against the 4 x 8MB now fitted (though the RAM shown comes up as only 24MB). Will any 72-pin EDO SIMM pairs of modules work for me or do I need to know something else before I buy - there seem to be plenty available 2nd-hand? Grateful for any help

  -pops- 11:04 02 Oct 2003

Go to click here and tap your details into their questionaire

  expertec 11:04 02 Oct 2003

Crucial is the best place to buy meemory upgrades. click here is memory for his system

  expertec 11:05 02 Oct 2003


  Widows Son 11:08 02 Oct 2003
  Widows Son 11:09 02 Oct 2003

in the time it took to find the link ;)

Oh well dont say were not helpful

  Mike574 11:11 02 Oct 2003

If you look here click here and use the memory selector near the top it will give you some info about the type of memory you should use. Hope this helps.

  Mike574 11:12 02 Oct 2003

Ooops, i'm too slow again. :-)

  Dusty330 11:16 02 Oct 2003

I'm amazed and well impressed - thanks folks! I've printed off the Crucial info. I'm being greedy now I know but the memory there's pricey compared to what's avaiable from old, replaced, PCs. Would I be well advised not to try my luck with 2nd hand?

  MAJ 11:23 02 Oct 2003

It depends on whether you want to take the chance of buying dud memory or not, Dusty330, if you're buying from a reputable place, then go ahead. At least you know that with Crucial, it's guaranteed.

  Dusty330 11:47 02 Oct 2003

Many thanks all - it's been very helpful. My problem now is that 4 x 32MB new modules will cost £176! Putting those in a machine whose total current value - even with monitor, keyboard etc - is perhaps £50 hardly seems viable. I shall just have to think about it!

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