How do i know what memory i need to buy

  eysha 13:10 28 Dec 2011

Hi, i have just bought a Samsung netbook NC110 and want to add memory to it. It has only one gig of memory but can be upgraded to two gigs, only one slot. I know how to get the memory out but it doesn't tell me what it is exactly and what to buy to upgrade it.

The chip reads - GB 1RX8PC3-10600S-09-11-BZ MADE IN CHINA M471B2873GB0-CH9 SE 134 BCH9 K4B 1G08466 GOF 361HZ

My second question is, instead of wasting this one gig of memory can i use it in my Toshiba A300 and add to that?

Many thanks E.

  tullie 13:16 28 Dec 2011

If you go to the Crucial Technologies website and let them do a scan,they will tell you.

  Ian in Northampton 14:17 28 Dec 2011

Tullie's right. That's by far the best way forward. Scan your NC110 with the Crucial tool, find out what kind of memory it uses, then run the same scan on your Toshiba and see if the Crucial tool indicates that they both use the same memory.

  eysha 19:41 29 Dec 2011

Many thanks, i have now ordered the memory and have fingers crossed it works. E.

  compumac 21:34 29 Dec 2011

If I am correct - if you used the Crucial scan tool and ordered from Crucial with the results of that scan the components ordered are guaranteed to work or your money back.

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