How do I know what I should allow my Firewall

  lindy 11:39 23 Oct 2005


I've just downloaded Sysgate on the advice of one of your users - thanks DieSse - and of course it says that it's just blocked NTKernal ........ how do I know if it should block this? Some of what it suggest I know ie specific programs which I can recognise the name of - but other things like the above - I don't know - what's your suggestions?

  johnnyrocker 12:08 23 Oct 2005

does it not have an 'about' or whats this feature.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:16 23 Oct 2005

Right click the icon in the system tray select applications, this lists all the programs trying to access. Scoll across to see the folder wher it is stored this will give a good idea if you can allow access or not.

Obviously your browser, email prog, antivrus and anti spyware programs need access.

Three clicks on the box for each item change the access from no to allow to ask.

  Belatucadrus 12:16 23 Oct 2005

Or try click here Process Library

  lindy 12:22 23 Oct 2005

Didn't tell me a lot from scrolling across - it's c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
I would assume that it's something that should have access - but I don't know - I guess I could allow it then see what happens - is this s good enough idea?

  palinka 12:31 23 Oct 2005

Yes; or don't allow it, and see what happens! It will gradually learn what you access and then you won't receive these messages except when you install something new (eg the big update of AVG yesterday caused Sygate to ask if it should be allowed access)

  w1z8rd 12:47 23 Oct 2005



The core (also called the kernel) of the Windows XP Professional operating system. Code that runs as part of the kernel does so in privileged processor mode and has direct access to system data and hardware.

  lindy 12:59 23 Oct 2005

Thanks everyone for your help - much appreciated.

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