How do I know that my WPA is set-up & working?

  [email protected] 23:03 06 Oct 2005

This has been a day for daft questions but here goes, I installed a Netgear DG834Gt modem/router using Pipex Broadband. I ticked the WPA box and made up a "password" (well series of numbers/letters, I clicked "Apply", and the page refreshed itself, leaving all the info as before. Was setting it up really that simple or have i not managed to do anything with it? How do you tell? Thanks- will look back tomorrow morning!

  Taff36 23:09 06 Oct 2005

First of all I`m not sure that refreshing works. Did you actually "save" the settings and reboot the router to apply them. You would have to enter the same key into the individual computers to get access so If you can still access the router and the internmet without doing so you haven`t secured the router I`m afraid.

  retep888 01:41 07 Oct 2005

You don't need to reboot the router to save the details, just click "Apply" and refresh the page.

Be sure to change the default login password, otherwise someone can login and change your WPA key and lock you out,and the only solution will be rebooting the router and start everything from scratch.

To check the security, I think the quickest way is to borrow a WI-FI enabled laptop and try to login the network,if the connection asking for a WPA key, then you're alright.


  [email protected] 11:52 07 Oct 2005

Is that what should happen when I get my laptop- it will see it and ask for the key and I just type it in?

  [email protected] 11:58 07 Oct 2005

I have just changed the password (thanks for the advice). Is it ok to "remember " it on this PC, or should I enter it afresh each time?
So basically entering the key, hitting apply (I got the "done" message) should have done the job as far as WPA security is concerned? What about the "Broadcast station name" box, should that be checked or unchecked?When I switch on the laptop will it find the signal and ask for the key before it can be used or is it more complicated to set up than that?
many thanks for all your help!!

  retep888 14:14 07 Oct 2005

It's ok to leave it on any pc, it'll save you typing it again everytime you login the router's web page, but I'd normally store it in a hardwired pc which is used by the network administrator, reason is when anything wrong with the wireless connection, you can't reach the router's web page from a wireless pc or laptop.

<<What about the "Broadcast station name" box, should that be checked or unchecked?>>

You mean the SSID, right? If you want to easily distinguish it from the crowd, then check it and give it a meaningful name.

<<When I switch on the laptop will it find the signal and ask for the key before it can be used or is it more complicated to set up than that?>>

Under the wireless setting:

Name(SSID): Default or chosen name

Region : Europe

Channel : 06 (auto chosen)

Mode : Auto 108Mbps(if you plan to use a mixture of high & low speed wireless pc & laptop, choose this one)

When you fire up a wireless enabled laptop, the
wireless connection is normally controlled by the window, you should see an icon on the bottom task bar trying to scan for the available networks(you may see more than one network).When you find your own network,click it and type in WPA key and away you go.


  [email protected] 15:29 07 Oct 2005

Thank-you, I will probably mail in when I get my laptop. I do have a PSP so I guess I could see if the network is detected on that (although I think that might confuse me further!)
I just got a security alert from Netgear, which said
UDP Packet - Source:66.41.xx.x,xxxx,xxxx - [DOS]Is this something to worry about/act on, or is it like when you first set up Norton and the "Norton has recently blocked an attack ..." box pops up?
Many tahnks for your help, I am cutting and pasting your replies to keep fopr when the laptop arrives!

  retep888 16:58 07 Oct 2005

Yes, you can detect the network on it,(it worked on my PSP), but only if you lower the security level from WPA to WEP key.

Not sure why you got this security alert,is your router actually up and running?

Are you running a firewall? Is it throwing up this message? Personally I never get this.



  retep888 17:07 07 Oct 2005

If you're using wired connection only at the moment, you can go to wireless setting section,under wireless access point, uncheck enable wireless access point, so your router will only be available on wired connection until your laptop arrives.


  [email protected] 17:08 07 Oct 2005

Hi Peter,
I tried the PSP but I get the message "Connection cannot be made the WLAN switch is not on "- can you elucidate for me??
The router is up and running, i'm using it now, I think I'm going to go back in and uncheck the box which is for "E-mail alerts etc" I'm getting lots of e-mails with stuff like "E-mail sent successfully!!"
I am running a Norton Firewall is taht wrong with the router?
Thanks for the help and sorry to be so ignorant!

  [email protected] 17:10 07 Oct 2005

I think we are typing at the same time!! I am using a wired connection only at present so will tick that box, unless I can find a way of getting the PSP to recognise it- thanks!

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