how do i know my laptop has USB 2.0

  Giggsy252 12:26 10 Aug 2004


how do i confirm that my laptop is usb 2?
Ive got a usb 2 external hdd, but when i plug it into my laptop it says it will function at a reduced speed as the 4 port usb hub is not usb 2 comptiable.

But the thing is, when i unplug the hub, the laptop thinks that the hub is still there as when i go to device manager its has 4 usb ports available even though my laptop has only 2 ports.

How i do remove this hub from device manager so i can have my usb 2.0 ports back, cuz when i disable the hub, it disables the usb ports completley.

Thanks in advance

  hillybilly 12:31 10 Aug 2004

How old is your laptop?
What O/System is installed?

  billyliv 12:32 10 Aug 2004

Hi, Confirm if your laptop has USB 2 by going into components in device manager and clicking on USB. If Usb enhanced is listed, you have USB 2. Cheers, Bill

  Giggsy252 13:32 10 Aug 2004

its about 6 months old, windows XP. when i click on usb in device manager. IT has 3 branches, it says USB Mass storage device, USB ROOT hub and ali pci to usb open host controller. The thing is the root hub is not unplugged.

Thanks in advance

  TomJerry 13:57 10 Aug 2004

usb normally works in pair, if one usb 1 device plug in to one port, another port will be usb 1 even it is a usb 2 port.

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