how do i keep cookies ?

  redsusan 16:33 12 Apr 2010

I have had to start again with my lapton using samsung recovery. all went well.but now when i want to log into my bank i have to enter all my previously saved details. i know i managed to sort this out before but i've forgot how to do it.
I'll also have to add it to ccleaner. can you remind me please.

  redsusan 16:35 12 Apr 2010

Opp's should have added Samsung r60 with Vista. and Virgin broadband.

  mooly 17:10 12 Apr 2010

Two things come to mind... first do you mean passwords etc rather than cookies ?

Is there an option on the bank log in screen to "remember me"... just as there is on PCA here.

If you are using IE8 etc make sure your security settings are not to high, tools> internet options> security. Med high is usually OK.

CCleaner... up to you... I would advise caution using the registry cleaner. Have used it in the past, and had the usual "unexplained" weird issues that everyone seems to get.
Did a clean Vista install 6 months ago and vowevd to use just windows own tools. Have had no issues at all and no slowdowns etc... brilliant.

Don't forget security... can recommend MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) for Vista on a notebook... very light on resources, and excellent at doing what it's supposed to.

  redsusan 18:15 12 Apr 2010

Thanks for replying Mooly. yes i do mean passwords ect and i did tick "remember me" but when i go back to the site nothing is remembered.

CCleaner i use as it was advised on this site!! and i do like it.not used the registry cleaner.used WINASO for that.

I have Virgin security used to be called PCgaurd, is this not enough then?

security settings are set at medium high.

  mooly 18:59 12 Apr 2010

Sorry Susan, should have said also to check on the privacy tab too, and to use "medium" on there.

Tools>Internet options>privacy.

Other than that I don't know... maybe worth trying altering the privacy setting to one lower and just try your bank site again and see if that helps.

Security... you should be fine with what you have. Only ever have one "real time" security package installed at one time. Running more than one causes conflicts, false alarms and freezing/slowdowns etc.

  james105051 19:40 12 Apr 2010

Try Roboform click here which is a very good password manager. You get 10 passwords remembered in the free version, or if you want more you can buy the Pro version which has unlimited saves.

  redsusan 23:16 12 Apr 2010

Thank you all,I found the solution so if anyone else has this problem I went into the Virgin security and had to add all the sites that i wanted to allow cookies from.

Thanks a million

  mooly 07:27 13 Apr 2010

Pleased you have sorted it :)

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