How do I install a programme without the administrative rights?

  pearl_m 10:45 07 Jan 2013

Hello, I want to install a program on my work's laptop, it's a pdf to word coverter software and I need that program in order to work on the pdf's, I take just the points I need, it saves me a lot of time and energy and I cannot directly copy from pdf because there is a problem with character encoding. The thing is that I'm not an administrator, so I cannot install any software on that pc. The administrative rights are on cmd. Is there any way to work around that? To keep the password intact and install the software?

Thank you very much for your help, Mikaela

  xania 11:03 07 Jan 2013

These rights are in place to ensure that staff do not install unauthorised software. We on this forum would not, even if we could, advise how to breach corparate IT policies. The only way you can get this software onto your laptop would be with the authority of your employers whose IT staff would then install the software for you. You should explain to your IT manager hwy you require the software and they would then either install or advise you of the correct alternative within the corporate policy.

  Forum Editor 12:13 07 Jan 2013

xania's advice is right on the button - don't try to get around your IT department's security protocols and install software yourself. We certainly will not help anyone to do that.

If your need for this software is connected with your work, surely your IT people will be only too happy to oblige?

  pearl_m 11:37 22 Feb 2013

Hello, thank you all very much for your responses, I'm sorry I didn't see that there was a reply to this topic. OK I won't get around IT protocols, I copy the pdf contents through my other pc, extra work but it's not a problem since you advice me not to intervene with their protocols. Thank you again for your help.

  Terry Brown 19:18 23 Feb 2013

Maybe I am missing the point, however as these files are on your Employers Computer, you have no right to transfer them to a device of your own, without the authorisation of your line manager, however good your reasons.

  woodchip 20:12 23 Feb 2013

Its when it all goes wrong, just because you wanted to do your own thing, Who will pick up the pieces

  xania 13:21 25 Feb 2013

I will say it again. Go to you IT department and tell them your problem. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT YOUR COMPANY POLICY IN ANY WAY

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