How do I install a new internal hard drive please

  erkmatrix 16:33 12 Aug 2007

I want to install a internal harddrive that came in a TVIX media player that stopped working yesterday, so I went to put it in my computer and although there is a spare slot for it I don't see any connectors to connect it up. Would I need to buy these seperate.


  Taff™ 16:39 12 Aug 2007

Look for the ribbon cable to the existing hard disk. It would be very unusual if there wasn`t another connector on that cable or indeed a spare power supply.

  Strawballs 16:43 12 Aug 2007

There should be spare power connectors on the PSU, If it is an IDE drive then you might have to get a new ribbon cable with another connecter half way down, just make sure you remember to det the jumper on the second drive to slave, it will be 3 sets of 2 pins on the end of the drive with a small connector across 2 of them (the jumper) there will be a diagram on the top of the drive showing which 2 are master which 2 are slave and which 2 are CS (cable select)

  Technotiger 16:45 12 Aug 2007

I don't think you can fit this inside a normal PC. But I believe it does have USB connectivity, so that is how I suggest you fit it to you main PC.

  erkmatrix 17:04 12 Aug 2007

Hi I've had a look and I do see these white connectors with 4 pins (theres 3 spare of those) and then theres these smaller black ones with 6 holes.

On my drive theres a at one side 4 pins which I would persume the white connectors go in then theres 7 pins and then a bigger 39 pin section.

on the 7 pin theres these two bit of white plastic cover 2 pins each.

Does this make any sense to anyone and if so what want to go in what.

Also havn't a clue about how to det the jumper to slave it, what does that mean, is that the two bit of white plastic connecting two setof the 7 pins.

  erkmatrix 17:10 12 Aug 2007

sorry 9 pins not 7

  paul€ 17:20 12 Aug 2007

" at one side 4 pins which I would persume the white connectors go "

thats right. The white electrical plugs go in here. The red wire faces to the middle of the drive.

" on the 7 pin theres these two bit of white plastic cover 2 pins each. "

these are you jumper switches. You move the plastic jumper to alternate how you wish the drive to be see. i.e as a master driver, as a slave drive, as a cable select drive or to limit the size of the hard drive. All the instructions for the different settings will be on the top of the drive.

" then a bigger 39 pin section "

this is were the flat wide ribbon cable, called an IDE connector fits on to these pins.

You have in fact an IDE hard drive. Perfectly normal and should fit all computers.

After all that it is easy to wire up. just remember that the red wire of the 4 pin plug faces the red stripe of the IDE ribbon cable.

red to red.

  paul€ 17:37 12 Aug 2007

A video on how to click here

  erkmatrix 17:53 12 Aug 2007

Doesn't look like I'll be able to do this, the IDE or hdd cable it says on it is plugged at the top into my cd rom and cd writer drives so theres no spare connector and the other end is into the main circuit board.

Its also has no slot to slide it in , the one I thought doesn't have any green plugs to hold it in place.

Its also really awkward to do anything with these wire all been banded together in the way and at the other side theres my sound card and broadband network adapter in the main circuit board so theres no room to do anything really

  erkmatrix 17:54 12 Aug 2007

My othere drive (one in my machine originally) must be a sata I think has doesn't have 39 pin connector

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