How do I install DLL Files

  basell 16:29 03 Mar 2003

How do I install a DLL file to my computer?


  MAJ 16:45 03 Mar 2003

You have to find where it's supposed to go and then copy it to that folder.

  Gemma 17:03 03 Mar 2003

DLL's (dynamic link libraries)usually live in the windows/system folder. If you ever have to put one there PLEASE read any warning that appears such as "do you wish to overwrite....". If you are at all unsure, take the do nothing exit. If you want to try a different version of a DLL, firstly re-name the old one by changing the file type extension from .DLL to .DLLOLD. Copy the new one to the folder (no warning this time) and try it. If it all goes pear shaped, delete the one you added and re-name the .DLLOLD to .DLL and you are back where you started.

  Diemmess 17:31 03 Mar 2003

like Gemma says .... with great care!

Usually you don't install them yourself, installing the program does that for you and you never have to know.

  basell 15:23 04 Mar 2003

Thanks for the help

  woodchip 15:46 04 Mar 2003

In the system folder or if you know the program that's looking for a DLL and cannot find it put it in the Program folder the onr with the program .exe file that's looking for it

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